Best Solar Powered Camping Lanterns for Outdoors – Top 10 Reviews

Best Solar Powered Camping lanterns

Solar camping lantern is becoming a perfect alternative for the outdoor enthusiasts. Using the lantern, they can easily go anywhere during the night and as well as they can save their electricity bill. This is why these lanterns are emitting light due to the solar energy. You might think what I can do if there is no sunlight. You can use the other charging option to charge the battery and use it for getting the light to do various activities. In this article, we have covered the ins and outs of the solar camping lantern for you. Read all those and stick with the best deal to enjoy outdoors.

Reviews of the Best Solar Powered Camping Lanterns

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How Does Solar Camping Lantern work?

In these days, we cannot assume when the power outage will occur. To overcome the situation, we all are searching for the backup option, right. Hence, the solar lantern is becoming more popular in the world. Alright! How does it work? It’s quite simple. The solar lantern is good for outdoor purposes wherever the power source is not available. In general, this lantern is built with the solar panels that absorb sunlight and converts into electrical current to provide light. If you keep the lantern under the sunlight, it will store the solar energy into the battery and will emit the light during the night.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Camping Lantern

A solar lantern is a good way for saving your electricity bill and this is a great alternative whenever the power is not there. In the appropriate climatic and environmental conditions, the solar lantern is a perfect choice for camping tent and even you can use it for some other outdoor purposes as well. So, you should take much care in deciding the best solar lantern for you. For that, you need to understand the every feature of the lantern so only you can decide the best. Here is a list of features to look for when buying the solar camping lantern.

  1. Design:

The first thing you should consider is the design. Be sure that the lantern features a compact, foldable, and lightweight design. This is because whenever you’re going for camping, fishing, hiking, and so on, you can keep the lantern in your backpack in less space. Along with this, another thing to notice is that the lantern comes with metal handles or not. Metal handles are useful for holding the lantern easily while walking during the night.

  1. Charging Mode:

Most of the solar lantern comes with dual charging mode, meaning you can charge the battery either using the solar power or through the USB port present in it. If you buy the lantern that comes with the dual charging mode, you can manage the charge whenever the sunlight is absent.

  1. Performance:

Check whether the lantern can able to emit light in three different modes include low, high, and SOS so you can use it for various purposes. In addition to this, check the charging time and how many hours it will emit light in a single charge. Some solar lanterns come with the USB port to charge your mobile phones as well. Hence, you won’t worry about power outages during rainy seasons.

  1. Portability and Durability:

There may be a chance to use the lantern in heavy rainy season also so make sure that the lantern is made from quality plastic and as well as weather resistant. If the lantern is collapsible, then you can buy it with your eyes closed.

  1. Built-in Power Bank:

Nowadays, the solar lanterns are designed with the inbuilt power bank to help you in emergency situations. If you’re not identifying any power source to charge this lantern, you can use the power bank to charge the battery and finally, you can get light. Furthermore, you can charge your mobile phones also with the use of the power bank.

  1. Comfort:

Make sure whether the lantern is eco-friendly or not and as well consider the count of LED lights present in it. Additionally, it is best to buy the lantern that can be used both as a camping lantern and handheld flashlight.

  1. Versatility:

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then you should check whether the solar camping lantern is suitable for multi-purposes to include camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, kayaking, and so on.

Finally, buy the one that comes with the above-mentioned features and charging cable also. Be sure whether the package contains battery or not.

Top 10 Best Solar Powered Camping Lanterns Reviews

Here is a list of quality and reasonably priced solar lantern for you. Choose the best one that suits for your camping needs.

1.   Solar Lantern, AGPtek 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern

This is a wonderful camping emergency light from the AGPtek. Not only it’s good for camping emergencies but also you can use it for hiking purposes. This is a green power camping lantern, meaning it uses the renewable energy sources to provide light.

  1. Stylish design:

It features a stylish design and comes in an attractive black color with carrying handle on the top so you can hold easily wherever you want. This features a compact design which in turn you can keep it in your car as well.

  1. Performance:

It is featured with the 32 LEDs so you can get maximum brightness for doing some normal activities and even your children can use this lantern for reading also.

  1. Low Energy consumption:

It is featured with the Polysilicon solar panels so it gives brighter light by consuming lower energy and the solar panel is present at the top of the lantern so it will get charge easily.

  1. Comfort:

It comes with the easy-to-use power button and you can charge your mobile phones and other devices using the USB port comes with it.

  1. Easy to charge:

It’s easy to charge this lantern in 5 different ways include solar power, car adapter, AC adapter, 3 x AA battery, and crank dynamo.


  • It is black in color
  • Attractive design
  • It works great.


  • The port is not suitable for charging the laptop.


2.   MPOWERD Luci Outdoor – Inflatable Solar Light

MPOWERD is the largest producer in the world, which delivers the solar camping lantern with extra special features at a reasonable price.

  1. Lightweight design:

This camping lantern features an elegant design and less in weight (4.4 ounces) so it’s easy to carry the lantern anywhere you want.

  1. Solar Powered:

There is no need to buy and use the batteries for lighting purposes. Simply place this lantern under the sunlight for more than 5 to 6 hours and use it whenever you want.

  1. Enhanced Brightness:

It comes with the 10 LEDs which is powerful enough to provide brightness for doing normal activities. Moreover, it shines in 3 settings include bright, super bright, and 1-second flashing.

  1. Multi-purpose lantern:

This is perfectly an outdoor lantern and it’s not only good for camping, but also you can use it for hiking, kayaking, sailing, fishing, and much more.

  1. Portability:

The presence of the top and bottom straps help you to clip into your backpack or hang on anywhere you want. This lantern is backed by 1-year Manufacturer warranty.


  • It is a durable one.
  • It’s perfect for various purposes.
  • Easy to use.


  • The charging time is quite slow.


3.   Suaoki Collapsible Clover Style 18 Led Camping Tent Lantern

This is an 18 LED Solar Lantern which offers enhanced brightness to you. It’s constructed by using the plastic material so it won’t break even it falls off.

  1. Elegant Design:

This solar lantern is something different from other competitive lights. It features a uniquely elegant design and appears in green color which is really a great fit to your home theme or camping tent.

  1. Solar Charging:

It is featured with the 3 solar panels so you don’t have worry to charge it. Using the sunlight, you can charge this lantern. Additionally, you can charge the battery using the micro USB port within 3.5 hours.

  1. Enhanced Brightness:

It provides light to you in three different modes include high, low, and SOS blinking. In high mode, you can use this lantern for camping, and its equivalent activities as well.

  1. Portability:

This lantern features a foldable and durable design so you can fold it easily whenever it’s not in use. This features a compact design and it fits perfectly in your Backpack.

  1. Easy to Hang:

It is featured with the green-colored hidden hook which lets you hand this lantern easily on the tree, inside the tent, and so on.

  1. Protection Chip:

In order to protect your lantern from overcharging and over-discharging, it is designed with the smart protection chip.


  • It’s a portable one.
  • Foldable design


  • It takes more time for charging.


4.   Suaoki Led Camping Lantern Lights for Outdoor Hiking

Suaoki is considered as the best provider in delivering the camping lantern and this is a perfect solar lantern for outdoor purposes. This will provide light in various different modes and it’s made from the durable materials to provide enhanced durability.

  1. Dual Charging Mode:

You can charge this lantern either using the direct sunlight or through the micro USB port present in it.

  1. Foldable Design:

This solar lantern features a foldable design and you can make it more compact to the size of iPhone 6 plus to keep it in your backpack in a compact space.

  1. Various Lighting Modes:

With the help of the three different lighting modes (high, low or SOS blinking), you can enjoy your outdoors with much pleasure.

  1. Enhanced Protection:

You don’t have to worry about the over-circuit, over-charging/discharging of this lantern because it’s built with the protection chip which will take care of your lantern completely.

  1. Multiple uses:

This is not only good for indoor use but also you can use this lantern for camping, fishing, traveling, fishing, and much more.


  • It is a durable lantern.
  • It comes in green color.
  • Great for camping.
  • Charging time is good.


  • The handle is not good.


5.   ErgaLogik Compact Solar Camping Lantern

ErgaLogik is good at providing compact solar camping lantern at an affordable price. You can get USB Powerbank along with this lantern to charge whenever sunlight is not there. It weighs low and comes in green color so carrying is quite simple.

  1. Design:

This solar camping lantern features a simplistic design and it’s really small so you can easily place it in your backpack for using in your camping tent.

  1. Enhanced Brightness:

You can use the light for normal activities and read purposes also. This is because it provides light in three diverse modes including high, low, and SOS.

  1. Easy to charge:

You can charge this lantern by keeping under the sunlight or through the USB port and it has the ability to provide 10 hours of light.

  1. Easy to hang:

This awesome solar lantern is featured with an attractive green colored handle which lets you hang this on any place for lighting purposes.

  1. Comfort:

With the help of the USB port present in it, you can charge your mobile phones also. It’s small enough to fit perfectly in your pocket as well.


  • It features a compact design.
  • It’s easy to hang.
  • It provides light in three different modes.


  • It’s cost expensive to buy.


6.   3-in-1 Rechargeable Solar Ultra Bright Led Camping Lantern

This solar ultra-bright LED lantern is a portable one which is perfect for fishing, hiking sailing, and so on. Additionally, this operates continuously for 12 hours on a single charge.

  1. Design:

This solar lantern features a three-in-one design and it is very compact so you can easily keep it in your backpack and small bag as well.

  1. 3-in-1:

This 3-in-1 design allows you to use as a lantern or a flashlight and even you can use it as flashlight and lantern simultaneously. Moreover, the flashlight is featured with a separate switch and handle. With the use of that, you can operate as per your need.

  1. Charging mode:

In order to protect your eye from the heavy brightness, the manufacturers added a shade on the bulb. In addition to this, this can be charged by using solar energy and AC Power.

  1. Portability:

This is extremely light in weight so you can bring this wherever you want. This includes both the indoors and outdoors (camping, hiking, cycling, backpacking, and so on).

  1. Emergency use:

For emergency back-up charging, you can use the power bank that comes along with it. Through the USB port present in it, you can charge your Android mobile phones as well.


  • Superior design
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The USB port is not for iOS devices.


7.   TANSOREN LED Solar USB Rechargeable 180 Lumens Waterproof Camping Lantern

TANSOREN has been the renowned manufacturer in the industry and this portable solar lantern comes with the rechargeable battery so you can recharge easily through the USB port in it.

  1. Compact design:

This solar lantern features a compact and portable design so you can reduce the size of the lantern from 18.5 cm to 12.4 m (handle not included).

  1. Brightness:

It is featured with the low powered LED bulbs which last longer and also provides 10,000 hours of lifespan to the bulb.

  1. Charging mode:

This solar lantern can be charged up in three different ways including solar power, DC charging and by means of 3-AA battery. But, the battery is not included in this package, you should buy it separately.

  1. Durability:

This 2-in-1 emergency lamp is designed to provide long-lasting durability so it’s constructed by using quality materials such as water resistant plastic so you no need to worry about the lifetime of the lantern.

  1. Easy to carry:

This lightweight solar lantern features an easy-to-carry handle which allows you to carry it easily anywhere you want.


  • Folding handle
  • Compact design
  • It’s a great emergency solar lantern


  • The battery is not included in this package.


8.   Best Camping Lantern – Solar Rechargeable LED Light by Browon

This camping lantern is designed to provide light to the campers, hikers, and so on. With the use of this solar lantern, everyone can enjoy their outdoors with full brightness.

  1. Elegant design:

This solar lantern features an elegant design and comes in black color which looks attractive as well. This is also integrated with the solar panels to charge up this light using the solar energy.

  1. Easy to collapse:

This lantern is featured a collapsible design so you can reduce the height of the lantern to half of its size and keep in your backpack for safe traveling.

  1. Robustness:

In order to extend its lifetime, it’s built with the high-grade and weather resistant materials so you can use it for a long time even in the weather conditions also.

  1. Easy to charge:

It can be charged easily using the solar energy and battery. Moreover, you can also get the additional backup power for emergency charging purposes.

  1. Easy to carry:

It’s super easy to carry because it comes with the carrying handle on top of it. Through the USB port, you can charge your mobile phones in emergency situations.


  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Water-resistant.


  • The USB port is not perfect for all mobile devices for charging.


9.   GT ROAD Solar Led Camping Lantern 2Pack/4Pack

This is a perfect solar lantern which is used for various purposes include camping, fishing, hiking, and much more. It features a collapsible design to control the light emission. It is backed by 30 days money back warranty and made of quality plastic to provide durability.

  1. Dual function:

It can be used both as a solar lantern and the flashlight. It comes in black color which looks great for any camping tent. The solar charging panels are present in the top of the lantern so it will get charged easily.

  1. Performance:

Enjoy the brightness up to 12 hours on a single charge only. The charging can be done using the home DC plug and solar power.

  1. Portability:

This features a lightweight design so you can carry easily to anywhere you want.

  1. Collapsible Brightness control:

This solar lantern can be easily collapsible to control the emission of light. There is no need to press switch/buttons to collapse it. This easy-to-handle lantern is perfect for hiking, mountaineering, and for some indoor activities also.


  • It features a compact design
  • It has a longer lifespan
  • It provides brightness for 12 hours.


  • It’s cost expensive to buy.


10.   PARTYSAVING [4-Pack] Camping Hiking 2-in-1 Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern

This is a 2-in-1 camping lantern from the well-known brand. It works great and comes with the built-in power bank to charge this lantern in emergency situations.

  1. Elegant design:

This lantern features a compact and collapsible design and you can use this as a handheld flashlight and solar lantern. It is featured with the 6 LED lights to provide enhanced brightness to the entire camping tent.

  1. Solar powered lantern:

There is no need to feel about power outages during the night. You can easily charge this lantern by simply just keeping it under the heavy sunlight and use it in your emergency time.

  1. Metal handles:

You can easily carry this lantern while walking on the hill with the help of metal handles present in it.

  1. Dual Charging:

Not only it can be charged using the solar power but also you can charge the battery using the DC charging cable.

  1. Performance:

In the case of emergency, you can charge your mobile phones as well via the USB port of this solar lantern.


  • It provides an awesome light source.
  • It features a compact design.


  • It takes more time to charge the battery.


Final Verdict:

Oftentimes, you people might go for camping with your lovable ones. At that time, there may be a chance for you to be away from the power grid. Hence, it will be good to be aware of the other alternatives to manage this kind of situation. Definitely, using the solar lanterns will be a great way to get light during the night time in your camping tent. Moreover, you can also use this lantern for fishing, hiking, and so on. Hence, end up with the best lantern that comes with special features and the one that is worth your money.


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Solar lights are an ideal way to decorate your lawn, both with lovely colors and beautiful lighting. They work by gathering in the sunlight during the day, then emitting this light when it’s not sunny, such as during cloudy weather or at night-time. Plus, you can turn this light off when you don’t need it.

Solar lights are exceptionally good for Christmas time decoration because you can turn them ON during the night time, which will add to the magic of your holiday decorating. They’ll help you create the winter (or tropical) wonderland experience you have always dreamed of. Because they’re affordable, eco-friendly, and safe, they’re a great alternative to traditional Christmas lights.

Reviews of the Best Solar Christmas Lights

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why You Need Solar Christmas Lights

  • They’re high-quality and look beautiful. They’ll contribute to making your house, yard and lawn look like a spectacular panorama during the holiday season.
  • They’re safe to operate, making them ideal if you live with kids or pets. You can have them running at night without needing to worry.
  • They’re an eco-friendly way of decorating your house for the holidays.
  • Maintaining them is easy: you just need to take them down when the holiday season is over.
  • They can easily be installed anywhere, including inside the house.

Things To Consider When Buying Solar Christmas Lights

Location and Climate

Solar Christmas lights are not an ideal option for every type of environment. For example, they might not be optimal in places that don’t receive  a lot of sunlight. Some models are fine even in these less bright places, if they can store a lot of energy. However, many models are limited in how much energy they can store. Other lights—those which are intended for colder environments—may be made of plastic that is not resistant to UV rays. Because of this, frequent exposure to a lot of sunlight will cause the components of these models tend to break down over time.

How Much Light Will You Get?

Solar Christmas lights give you varying amounts of light, and require different amounts of sunlight. Thus, the strength of a light depends on which model you’ve chosen. Some models—lower-quality ones in particular—may not be able to save battery power for more than a day or so. This makes them poor choices to purchase—not only in places where cloudy days are common, but pretty much everywhere, since even the sunniest areas regularly have their bouts of cool cloudy days. Other lights can store energy even when it’s dim outside, but they won’t shine for a long time, because they’re not very strong.

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How Durable Are They?

Some models of solar Christmas lights are, as we’ve said, not reliable—they will break down over time, and they don’t ensure continuous light, even when they’ve been charged. Another reason some models are not a good choice is because the solar panels of some units are coated with a cheap type of plastic. This plastic layer deteriorates as time goes on, with the end result being that the solar light is much less effective in the future, and its output will decrease with time. To deal with this problem, it’s preferable that you purchase models whose solar panels are layered with tempered glass, which is much more resistant.

Something else that you need to watch out for is whether the LED lights can be replaced. This is a definite advantage, since replacing whole solar lights when their bulbs blow out is expensive (and not exactly environmentally friendly). Another factor that affects durability is whether or not the lights are water-resistant. Water-resistant lights are ideal; they won’t deteriorate in rainy weather.

What They’ll Look Like in Your Yard or on Your Lawn

Because they are decorative in nature, solar Christmas lights take on many different shapes. For instance, you can buy them in on strings or in garlands. You can purchase them with a variety of shapes as well. For example, they can be shaped like icicles, or they can be relatively small, with a paver-like shape, so that you can use them to light up your path. There are also models that are shaped like small lampposts.

Because solar Christmas lights come in different colors, shapes and sizes, you need to take into account how they’ll look on your lawn, or in your yard, before you buy any. Keep in mind that they will not look the same as they do in the store once they’re placed. Their coloring and shading can vary, depending on the time of day. They might also appear not to be as big, depending on the size of your house, because your house is significantly larger than the other lights it was displayed with at the store. And the ones from online stores might not look as you’ve expected at all. Retailers cheat by showing off the lights in ideal lighting and weather conditions. Sometimes, if they’ve run out of a certain model, they might send you another model entirely.

Recommended Product Reviews

1.   Solar Outdoor String Lights by Innoo Tech

The battery of these lights—it is a rechargeable, NI-MH battery—charges itself during the daytime. It lights up automatically in the dark, whether it’s just a dark day or actually night time. They are made with manganese. This has the effect of ensuring that the solar battery can be charged even when it’s cold outside—yes, even in winter. Moreover, these Solar Outdoor String Lights work very efficiently in their absorption of sunlight and its conversion into energy.  Their solar panel can even have its position adjusted so the lights can absorb as much light as possible. Further, these solar string lights are very strong. Once charged, they can last for 6 to 8 hours before they need to be charged again.

They are water-resistant, so they can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. They are  a good way of making the inside of your home look as radiant as it does on the outside. Because they are water-resistant, you can keep them outside on rainy days and not have to stress out over the possibility that they blow a fuse while you’re away at work.

Not only are the Solar Outdoor String Lights easy to operate, they’re also easy to install. They only have two switches, and you use the stake that they come with to drive them into the ground.


2.   Solar Powered String Outdoor Globe Christmas Lights by Innoo Tech

These lights are shaped like sparkling globes. Although they were designed specifically for outdoor use, they can be used in any environment, including indoors. You can have them out in any type of weather, both sunny and rainy, since they are waterproof.

With their built-in, rechargeable NI-MH battery, these string lights are an ideal choice for every homeowner. Although you need to charge them for as little as 6 hours, the light they provide you with will last for 8 to 10 full hours. This contributes to the saving of energy, so you can put some of your worries about your ecological footprint at ease. You can adjust the strings in solar panel so that you can take in an optimal amount of sunlight.

It’s simple to both operate and install the Solar Powered String Outdoor Lights. They come with two switches, and you attach them to the ground with the stake that’s bundled into the package. If you’d like to buy these lights, please be aware that many unauthorized companies pretend to offer them. To know if you are buying a genuine Innoo Tech product online, it will say “sold by ANEAR and fulfilled by Amazon” on the listing.


3.   Warm White Fabric Lantern Ball Christmas Globle Lights by Innoo Tech

These lights by the skilled Innoo Tech crew are a great option if you want solar lights that work both inside and outdoors. They are waterproof, so they are a good choice if you prefer your electronics to be durable. Given the efficient design of their solar panels, these lights are an ideal option for long-lasting solar Christmas lights. You charge them for 6 to 8 hours, but they’ll give you energy for 8 to 10 hours. Thanks to this effective, rechargeable NI-MH battery, the lights good for the environment. Moreover, the lights are made with manganese, which as a result ensures that you can charge the lights’ battery even in coldest winter. They’ll light up during the night time, as well during the dark times of the day (e.g., evening, or when it’s cold and rainy out). The lights are ideal for different uses—Christmas lighting, of course, as well as for your garden, for a party, for a wedding, or even just to decorate your house or apartment (around your vanity or bathroom mirror, for example).

Installing the lights is easy, as is getting them to work. They have two switches, which simplifies the process immensely. When setting up the lights,  you can adjust the solar panel so that they absorb as much sunlight as possible.


4.   Water Drop Solar String Fairy Waterproof Lights Christmas Lights by Gdealer

These lights are the #1 Best Seller in the Ceiling Molding and Trim category on Amazon, so you know you’re getting a good deal with Gdealer. They lights run on LED technology, and they come attached to a 20-foot long strong (this is about 6 metres long). The lights are waterproof, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. They have two modes—a steady mode, which is continuous, and a flashing mode. You can also turn them on or off at will thanks to a switch, which is more environmentally friendly than other models.

With their teardrop-like shape, they provide you with a romantic kind of light. This is ideal for decorating your yard and lovely rock gardens as well as lighting up the path that leads down to your house. You can also put them on your patio, porch, balcony or gate. (Combine the porch set-up with the romantic type of light, and you’ve got yourself a Romeo and Juliet kind of decorative effect. Neat!) They also come in different color settings, you can use them for holidays other than Christmas as well.

In order to set them up, you must position their solar panel on a garden spike. This makes installing them straightforward and easy.


5.   Flower Solar Outdoor String Lights by LuckLED

These beautiful Christmas solar lights have the shape of flowers. They can be purchased with different color settings, which makes them a terrific choice for a wide array of special occasions. Their LED lights run on lighting sensor technology; they charge in the sun and turn on once they’ve absorbed enough sunlight. You can turn them on and of, which is better for the environment than other models which only allow you to do so automatically.  They also come with 8 different modes, so that you can create amazing light shows. They are waterproof, and one unit features 50 LEDs for maximum lighting. The long cable (it’s 21 feet long, or about 7 metres) ensures that you can spread them all over your backyard or lawn.

With their sweet shape, they are good to highlight your rock or backyard gardens. You can use them for various decorating uses, including your balcony, porch, or gate, where they will resemble real flowers (that won’t wilt with time). They’re not limited only to Christmas time decorating; they’re also good decorations for weddings and parties.

Installing the Flower Solar Outdoor String Lights is easy: they come with a solar panel, a ground stake—and that’s it. It’s nothing like the old, complex string lights you used to put on your balcony not too long ago.

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6.   Solar Led Light Warm Lights by Ucharge

These solar LED lights have a beautiful, highly ornamented round, globe-light design that brings to mind not only Christmas, but also Russian architecture (such as the Kremlin) and Arabic designs. They turn on by themselves when it’s dark, although they also have an on/off switch, so that you can save their power when they’re not in use. They also have 2 lighting modes: steady, so that light can flow continuously, and blinking. The lights come on a string that’s 11 feet long (over 3 metres), so setting them up is a relatively simple matter. They are waterproof, so they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. Because of their versatile shape, they’re a helpful tool when it comes to decorating in general—whether you’re decorating for Christmas, any other holiday, a garden party, or a BBQ party. You can change the rechargeable battery with no trouble—several other models are easily found in online stores. When they’re being used, the Solar Led Light Warm Lights will provide you with a lot of very bright light.

Assembling the lights is no trouble: the solar panel is on top of a stake, which makes it easy to access and manipulate. This makes decorating your home for the holidays a simple matter.


7. Original Moon Solar String Lights by LuckLED

These lights come in green, red, yellow, blue and purple. With their lighting sensor technology, they charge when it’s sunny outside, and turn on, on their own, when it starts to get dark. However, you can turn them on or off as well if you prefer. The Original Moon Solar String Lights (which, as the name says, run on 30 LED lights) are well-suited for all weather, including heavy snow. You don’t need to worry about them getting damaged during the cold days of winter. Once they’re charged, they can provide you with continuous, steady light for up to 8 hours, and they will help prepare your backyard with a charming style, so that it can be ready for the holiday season. They’re also a good option for indoors—and not just a good option, but actually an amazing one, thanks to their cute, adorable shapes and designs.

The Original Moon Solar String Lights are easy to install anywhere you desire—including around your patio, all over your lawn, on top of your gate, and on the railings of your balcony. If you’d like to install them inside your house, you can string them up in hallways (“deck the halls…”) on bannisters, and around mirrors.


8. Original Starfish Solar String Lights by LuckLED

These lights—which are colored with red, blue, orange, yellow, green and purple, and are shaped like starfish—are a cute and whimsical way of lighting up the outside of your home. With their lighting sensor technology, combined with their rechargeable battery, they charge and take in energy when there’s a lot of sunlight outside, then distribute this light at evening, dusk and night time. However, you can turn this feature off with their on-off switch. There is also a mode switch; this gives you 8 different modes, so that you can play around with various types of light shows. They have a rechargeable that can give you up to 8 hours of light before it needs to be charged again.

With their unique shape, the Original Starfish Solar String  are ideal for fans of the beach. They’re also a clever way of decorating for people who live in warm or tropical climates. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. Just imagine them illuminating a bathroom! Out of doors, you can use them to decorate your yard, gates, balcony, porch, and the outside of your house—such as the windows and railings. Setting them up is easy—you only need to put the lights in a good spot, put the post somewhere sunny, and attach the charger to the post. Boom! You’re in business.


9. Solar Powered Multi-color Dragonfly Fairy Strings Lights by Icicle

Icicle offers you a great string of solar Christmas lights. The lights come in the shape of adorable dragonflies, with illuminated colorful bodies—these come in red, blue, green and yellow—with transparent wings. They’ll provide you with high brightness that can last for up to 10 hours, if the lights have been fully charged. The lights have autonomic sensors; they turn on when it’s dark outside, such as during evening or when it’s cloudy outside. They are durable; they will last years and years. They have a flashing mode, as well as a mode that provides you with a steady stream of light. Although they’ll automatically gather sunlight when it’s bright outside, you can turn them off at will with the convenient on and off switch. With their lovely design, they’ll add a cute touch to your holiday celebrations. You can also use them to decorate your Christmas tree. In addition, they are a good choice for outdoor parties, including wedding parties. The lights are quite durable; they’ll withstand damage. (Not that you want to go around damaging them, of course.)

The Solar Powered Multi-color Dragonfly Fairy Strings Lights are easy to assemble and set up.They come with a spike which must be driven into the ground. You can place the lights wherever you like in your backyard, thanks to the long string (it’s 16 feet long, or about 4 and a half metres).


10.   Chuzzle Ball Solar String Lights by LuckLED

LuckLED offers these lights in the shape of chuzzle balls—that is, adorable spiky balls. One model has several colors: yellow, red, purple, and a kind of teal green. With their lighting sensor technology, they’ll turn off on their own to collect sunlight energy. However, they also have a power switch, so you can control this on your own. They feature 8 modes as well, which provides you with new ways of brightening up your lawn or grounds. They are waterproof, so they can last in different kinds of weather, including heavy snow. This makes them ideal for many different kinds of homes and environments—whether you live in the sweltering warmth of Arizona to the blizzard cold of New York State.  They are charming and sweet, and their cute shape will appeal to most people. They resemble flowers, so you can easily put them in a flowerpot on your patio. You can also use them to decorate your balcony, gate, porch, or garden borders.

The Chuzzle Ball Solar String Lights are easy to set up. They come with a solar panel and a ground stake. The length of the power line is 23 feet (more than 7 metres long). This is longer than the vast majority of power lines for solar Christmas lights, so you know you’re getting a great bargain with these chuzzle balls. Although they’re ideal as solar Christmas lights, they can also be used for any event you can think of, such parties and weddings.


11.   Fiber Optic Butterfly Solar Decoration String Light by Ucharge

These lights are shaped like butterflies, and boy are they adorable. One model features several colors—yellow, peach, blue, and green—which enhances their beauty.  The 12 lights each one has run on fiber-optic and LED technology. They produce very bright light, which makes them ideal for places where it gets dark at night. They work efficiently, so you’ll know that buying them was a good decision. They have a regular mode and a flashing mode. In the regular mode, this model will provide you with light for 4 to 8 hours. In flashing mode, however, you can get light for 6 to 20 hours. Not many solar Christmas lights can offer you continuous light for 20 hours, without stopping.

Assembly the lights is easy; you need to put the stake that’s bundled with them into the ground, and top it with the solar panel. Then you just need to string the lights up wherever your heart desires—a simple matter with the 2-metre long power line—and that’s it. As soon as the lights are charged up, you’ll get beautiful, radiant light. Because of their fun shape, they are good for Christmas, as will as other special occasions—weddings, garden parties, and Easter celebrations. Your guests will be wowed by their unique shape!


Solar Christmas Lights: Light Up Your Holiday Season

If you’re looking to get solar Christmas lights which are ideal for you and your family, you have several different options, with models by GRDE, Gdealer, LuckLED, Ucharge and Innoo Tech. Ultimately, it’s your choice to get whichever Christmas light your heart desires, of course. But we can promise that these models will be an excellent fit for your home. If you’d like to install solar Christmas lights, please take all safety precautions into account; you don’t want to injure yourself. And, finally, remember: these lights are ideal for holiday use, but they can re purposed for other special occasions, including holidays, parties, and weddings. Best of luck finding solar Christmas lights that work for you, and happy holidays.

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