10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For 2024 [Top Reviews]

While you’re in the home, you can take bath in the shower in your bathroom. But, how can you take bath while you’re out camping, hiking or backpacking? In order to overcome this situation, the outdoor portable solar showers have been widely used among the people who enjoy spending time in outdoors.

These kinds of showers are made by using the plastic bags that provides long-lasting durability. You can fill water into this shower and heat the water by keeping it on the sunlight. It’s not suitable to use when the cold weather is popping out.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking

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How Do Outdoor Portable Solar Shower Work?

You know that the solar shower is the best alternative to the normal water heaters. With the help of this shower, you can save your electricity bill and also it’s perfect to use at outdoors. Generally, the showers are made by using plastic so-called plastic bags. It allows you to fill the water and use it after the water gets heated by means of sunlight.

The working principle of this shower is quite common. Once you’ve filled the water in the plastic bag and keep it sunlight, it will automatically start to get heated. After that, you need to pressurize it with the help of the foot pump so that it will shower water if you open the nozzle. After 2 to 3 hours, it will be warm enough to take a shower.

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Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor Portable Solar Shower

Due to the popularity of the portable solar shower, we can find the various showers with different features. It makes difficult to choose the best portable shower. In order to come out from this, it’s vital to review the important features of the portable solar shower. Some of the most important features to think about are its material, cost, durability, capacity, portability, and so on.

Amongst all, the water capacity is important why because if the holding capacity is high, you can fill the water as much as you can for further use. Let’s discuss the things in detail so you can clearly understand the importance of choosing the best one.

  1. Design:

This is one of the most important things to consider before buying the outdoor portable showers in the market. The showers are mainly used for the camping so it must be portable.

Many of the products in the market are satisfied the customer requirements about the design but while you buying the portable solar shower in the market check whether your outdoor portable shower are designed using the plastic or not.

Plastics are not easily damaged so surely it comes for the longer period and also handling the shower is very easy. It provides the more stability when comparing to the other types of the shower in the open market.

  1. Cost:

Price is the most important thing. All the people in the world are trying to buy any product on the market within their budget. Before checking the quality of the product, analyze the price range.

Definitely, the price of the product will differ based on the features and material used with it. If you are decided to buy the plastic portable solar shower, then it should be flexible and also it is easy for the transportation.

Mostly, the portable showers are highly expensive but some of the products in the market come under your budget so give the most preference to that kind of product.

  1. Installation time:

When comparing to the traditional shower, the outdoor portable shower take more time to install so you may feel as very difficult. But, the lighter weight showers are easy to install and also it does not require 2 and more people to install.

Even though, the upcoming low weight showers in the market come with more stability and also will not break easily. The people those who want to save the time of installation can prefer the lightweight showers in the market.

  1. Comfort:

Generally, the outdoor solar shower tanks are made using the high-quality of the aluminum so it can able to heat the water easily within the minutes. Based on the model of the shower, the tank size and price also varies. And the using of aluminum helps to prevent your tank from the winter damage.

If you want to buy the big sized shower tank, then you should pay more money on the products and also it is difficult for the portable so small tank is the best choice forever.

  1. Water holding capacity:

Most of the solar showers come with various different holding capacities, so choosing the one is all up to you. Some may come with the capacity of 11L and other 8L. For example, if you’re feeling the 11L capacity is enough, then you can invest your money on this.

  1. Portability:

The last and most important thing is to make sure that whether it is portable or not. If this is not portable, then how can you bring with you wherever you want. It’s good to check the portability of the shower and also make sure that it comes with a hanger so that you can easily hang it on the tree.

Top 10 Best Portable Solar Shower Reviews

Here is a list of top-rated products to help you choose the best one that meets your expectations.

1.   Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 1

This summer solar shower comes from the great manufacturer “Advanced elements”. It is a portable one and the water gets heated by the solar energy. Furthermore, it is less in weight so you can easily carry in one hand.

Special features:

The design of this shower really looks great and it features a 4-ply construction with both the reflector and insulator panel. It comes with the good hanger which lets you hang this shower on the tree.


It is a 3-gallon outdoor shower which greatly holds the water to use it later. With the help of the solar technology, the water gets heated.

Filling valve:

The size of the filling valve is important, right. It comes with the big-sized valve so you can fill the water rapidly and the showerhead is also easy to use.

Side pockets:

It comes with the side pocket which helps you to keep the soap, shampoo, shaver, and so on.


It’s really light in weight and features Velcro straps. It’s an environment-friendly shower so you can use it without any fear.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Compact design.
  • Great shower for the money.

Buy this wonderful solar shower to enjoy camping even more.


2.   Seattle Sports Solar Camp Shower 5 Gallon Capacity

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 2

Seattle Sports are expert in delivering hot water wherever you need it. How? This is because it provides solar camp shower at a reasonable price. It’s black in color and this black alone helps to get more heat from the sun.

Special features:

This is really a wonderful shower to use because the dimensions are great and weighs very low. Both the features make you carry this shower with ease.


In order to offer the long-lasting durability, it is made of high-quality, durable PVC materials. It’s eco-friendly to use.

Large filling nozzle:

It’s designed with the big nozzle so you can easily fill the water within minutes. It weighs low so it’s pretty easy to carry.


With the perfect on/off valve of this shower, you can easily open the shower for bathing or to wash your dirty hands and feet as well.


  • It has the capacity of 5 gallons
  • It works great and gives warm water everywhere.

If you want warm water anytime and anywhere, then turning head towards this portable shower is best.


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3.   Texsport 5 Gallon Outdoor Portable Solar Shower

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 3

Texsport has been the renowned manufacturer in providing the portable solar shower so that you can use it at outdoors.

Special features:

This shower is sturdy enough and lasts long because of its durable design. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, and backpacking.


It’s made from the black polyethylene that attracts heat from the sun and it heats the water with the help of the solar energy.


You can take multiple showers with it because it has the capacity to hold 5 gallons of water.


The shower hose is highly flexible which allows you to take an easy bath. It’s also designed with 4 mesh pockets so that you can keep your soap, shaver, brush, and so on.

Easy to use:

In order to hang this shower on the tree, it’s featured with a good handle and it helps for portability too. Furthermore, it does not occupy more space in your backpack so storing this shower is easy in any compact place.


  • It’s easy to use and carry.
  • Good compact design.

This is the best outdoor portable shower to use when you’re at camping with your family because the water holding capacity is great enough for multiple showers.


4.   Sportneer Solar Camping Shower Bag

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 4

Sportneer is great in delivering shower bags because the showers come from this brand does not compromise both with quality and price. It comes with the large filling nozzle and good Velcro straps so it keeps the shower safe while it is not in use.

Special features:

Due to its good water holding capacity and durability, it has more demand in the market.

Compact and durable:

It features a compact design so you can store it in a small space after using it. It’s an environment-friendly to use. Both the shower tubes and handle are made with durable materials so it offers long-lasting durability.

Storage pocket:

It’s designed with the front storage pockets to keep your shower accessories include soap, shampoo, brush, and much more in a safe manner.


It comes with a carrying bag which makes you easy to bring this shower wherever you want.

Temperature gauge:

In order to know the water level and monitoring the temperature, it coes with the transparent temperature gauge.


  • It’s a great solar shower bag for camping.
  • It comes with front pockets to keep shower things.

It’s really a nice shower bag to use because of its temperature gauge, sturdy handle, and much more.


5.   Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Coleman is the world’s renowned manufacturer of the portable solar shower and you can get a shower at great low prices.

Special features:

It’s made by using the durable PVC materials and the black color is very attractive too. You can also wash your clothes with the help of this shower after bathing.

Good performance:

It’s designed to retain temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The water will get heated quickly due to the heat from the sunlight.

Good for multiple showers:

It has the capacity to hold 5-gallon water so you can take multiple showers and also wash clothes.

Strengthened handle:

It comes with the durable handle so you can easily hang this shower on the tree and carry it wherever you want easily. The shower tube comes with the on/off valve so it won’t be tough to turn on/off the shower.

Easy to use:

It’s easy to carry and the water will last for up to 10 minutes if the shower is half-open.


  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It’s a portable and durable one.

If you want to shower with warm water while you’re at camping, then this is a perfect choice.


6.   Premium Solar Camping Shower Bag

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 5

This is a great camping solar shower bag at an affordable price from the Viking Nature. It also comes with the easy-to-removable hose and on/off shower head which do not let you in trouble while turn on/off the shower.

Special features:

It heats the water by means of solar technology and can able to hold the 5 gallons of water that are perfect for multiple showers.

Lightweight design:

It features a compact and lightweight design so that you can easily store it in small compact space by folding it completely.

Mesh pocket:

This wonderful shower comes with the mesh pocket which allows you to keep shampoo, toothbrush, paste, soap, and so on.


It’s featured with the Velcro straps so that you can keep your shower head and tube safe while it is not in use.

Easy to fill:

With the presence of the large filling valve of this shower, you can fill the 5 gallons of water within minutes.

Temperature gauge:

It comes with the temperature gauge which allows you to know the water temperature easily.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to carry

This is the best bag which is constructed with a rigid material and it’s perfect for a camping trip.


7.   Coghlan’s 5 Gallan Solar Heated Camp Shower

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 6

Coghlan’s has been the renowned manufacturer of providing the heated camping shower at great low prices. With the help of this camping shower, you can wash clothes and take bath for more than 2 times.

Special features:

It’s made from the non-toxic PVC, which does not make any harm to you. The water holding capacity of this shower is about 5 gallons so it can easily hold 18.9 liters of water.


It features a compact design and the color also gives an attractive look. This is featured with the attached hose and cord for hanging it on the tree.

Easy to use:

It weighs less so it’s a perfect shower for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, and much more.

Large filling nozzle:

It is designed with the big nozzle to fill the water rapidly and also comes with an easy-to-open lid.


  • Compact design
  • It’s a portable one
  • It is good for multiple showers.
  • It’s a great shower bag for the money.

It’s a great camping shower which comes with the strengthened handle to hang on the branch of the tree in an easy manner.


8.   Solar Shower Bag, RISEPRO 5 gallons/20L Solar Heating Premium Camping Shower Bag

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 7

RISEPRO is one of the world’s leaders in providing the shower bag with good prices. This shower bag is made from the non-toxic and environment-friendly materials so it will not offer any harm.

Special features:

This awesome shower is designed by the experts to introduce you the fantastic shower for taking bath at camping, backpacking, hiking, and anywhere you want.

Water capacity:

It can able to hold the 20 liters of water, which is perfect for taking multiple showers. Even, you can wash your dirty feet and hands.

Temperature gauge:

With the help of the temperature indicator, you can easily know the water temperature. It’s designed in a perfect manner to attract heat from the sun so the water gets heated easily.


  • It features a good heat absorbing design.
  • It provides long-lasting durability.
  • It comes with an advanced shower head.

The best thing with this camping shower is the shower head is big enough to pour water so you can get good shower bath. If you want to enjoy better showering experience, then investing your money on this shower is good.


9.   Diximus Camping Solar Shower Bag 6.5 Gallons – 25L

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 8

Diximus is another great provider in delivering the portable and pressurized solar shower at a reasonable price.

Special features:

This pressurized solar camping shower is good to use anywhere and comes with the great dimensions. You can heat the water easily with the help of the solar energy.


It is really lightweight in design and comes in gray color which looks really great and gives an awesome look.

Water holding capacity:

It can hold pressure up to 7 minutes and the water holding capacity is also good enough, which is 20L.

Foot pump:

You can get the foot pump and the carry bag along with this rinse shower with great size so there is no need to buy it from outside.

Multiple uses:

It’s not the only comfort for using at camping but also good for hiking, paddle boarding, beaches, surfing, and so on.


  • It’s an environment-friendly
  • It works by pressurizing with the help of the foot pump.
  • Great portable shower.
  • It features a lightweight and compact design.

The water from the plastic bag also comes in a gradual manner due to the pressure in the bag so it will be perfect to take shower with more comfort.


10.  RISEPRO Solar Camping Shower Bag 40L

10 Best Outdoor Portable Solar Shower for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking For [year] [Top Reviews] 9

Winterial is the best provider which delivers the brand new camping shower at great low prices.

Special features:

This is a pressurized camping shower which comes with the long-lasting durability and acts as a great shower in the heavy sunny days.

  1. Lightweight design:

When it comes to design, it’s lightweight in nature. It weighs only 2lbs so it will fit perfectly even in your camping gear as well.

  1. Water holding capacity:

It is designed with sufficient holding capacity so that it can hold 11L of water. Definitely, it will be enough to take a full bath.

  1. Heated by solar energy:

This is made of plastic bags that can retain heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit so you can keep this under sunlight to heat the water.

  1. Portability:

You can easily pressurize this shower with the help of the foot pump that comes along with it. And, the pressure will last for 5-7 minutes. This is a portable shower which is really perfect for your camping trip.


  • It’s easy to use and store.
  • It’s a portable one.
  • It comes with a carry bag.

If you want to have a shower even at you’re camping, then this is the best choice ever.


Final Verdict

Portable solar showers are considered to be the great invention in this world. It can help you to save the electricity while you’re in home and acts as a great shower as well. It’s a cheap and best alternative for the normal shower.

Moreover, you can use this at both outdoors and indoors to take bath. The only thing you need to do is to fill the water and to keep it in the sunlight to get heated. Keep in mind that this portable shower is only suitable for the sunny days not in cold weather. Consider the above features of the solar shower to stick into a good deal.

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