Solar Powered Motion Security Light

Solar motion lights are a type of light usually framed with metal. These lights are hung around houses, in gardens, parks and areas where lighting is not efficient. Essentially Solar Motion Lights work with the sun, where they’re put, they’re positioned to get maximum sunlight because they’re solar. They take in the sunlight and convert it to energy, and store extra energy inside also. The motion part is a unique aspect of these lights. They are set to light up when they sense motion. Many home owners have these around the backyard of their houses. To light up dark areas, like if you went to throw your garbage out back, there usually is no street lights in back alleys, so these solar lights are perfect.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Who Needs Solar Motion Lights?

Solar motion lights work for a variety of different purposes. Security is one of them. Below we will be taking a look at some people who might use these lights and for wat purposes.

  • Light up dark areas (Homeowners)
  • Enhance gardens with dramatic lighting (Homeowners. Garden Enthusiasts)
  • Street lighting and visibility (Downtown Offices. Businesses to light up areas where their customers have less lighting, usually around the outside of building)
  • Path for Parks and Recreational grounds (Cities use these type of lightings so civilians can see the path during night time)
  • Security (Homeowners, Businesses etc.… You will know if unwanted people come near your house, your lights will flash bright)

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Why Do You Need Solar Motion Lights?

Solar Motion Lights have a variety of benefits that make them attractive, which is why consumers love them. Below we’ll take a look at why you would need these lights.

Cheap and inexpensive

Probably one of the best things about these solar motion lights. They don’t cost nearly as much as some lighting companies want you to pay for. These are usually from $5-40, and often come in bundles.


These lights are available to be picked up from your local hardware store. They can be bought online. The availability of these things is amazing! No waiting for stock for weeks and weeks

Environmentally Friendly

These lights don’t usually have wires, run off of sun power, and use LED lights to efficiently give off light. They don’t harm the environment by using electricity, they actually work with nature, harnessing the solar power as it should be.

Things to consider before purchasing

When it comes to Solar Lighting, people have a couple of primary goals they’re hoping to achieve with Solar Motion Lighting. Below we will be taking a closer look at these concerns

When picking solar sensor lighting, you have to think of a few specifications before you should make your purchase. Where do you live? Do you live in the country, where lighting is limited, or in the city, where all the street lights are on most of the time? Buying solar lights in bulk can save you money. The solar lights are sensor activated and turn off from anywhere from 10-30 seconds of no detected movement. The reason you are using the sensor lights will depict the location you will set them up in. If you want to ward of potential intruders, then place in areas near gates and backyards where sensors will pick up movement from intruders and flash bright. Scarring them off. Or do you want a light for your dog in the back. Maybe you need a garage light because you come home late from work.

Solar lights have different designs and aspects, consider if your product is weatherproof, or heat-resistant. This is especially essential if you live in areas that tend to snow or rain. Or somewhere it’s sunny and turns hot. Or both!

Another factor that is very essential to consider is how harsh or powerful you want your lighting. If you choose very bright lighting, it can flash in your eyes when it’s triggered. So placing in strategic ways that the light isn’t directly coming to your eyes is key. Some solar lights are designed so they don’t come off directly to your eyes and blind you.

How Do They Work?

Solar Motion Lights are known for their easy installation, most companies write on the box “Install in seconds” Of course if it’s your first time installing, it may take more than a few seconds. Essentially to set it up, you would receive 2 screws, and your Solar Lighting would have 2 holes so it can be screwed onto place anywhere you want. Other Solar Lighting come with sticky backs. So you can stick ‘em where you want them. Some people even use super glue so that thieves (if they’re brave enough) don’t go around trying to steal your lighting.

Solar Motion Lights work as their name implies. They gather sunlight in the day, and convert it into usable energy to power the LED lights at night. The sensors can usually detect motion and switch on automatically, then switch off when no motion is detected. Some Solar Motion Lights are fully automatic, switch off at dawn, and turn on at dusk. They also dim when motion isn’t detected. So the transition from no light to bright light is nullified, as there is low light because its dim, when motion is detected it turns on.

Top 9 Best Solar Motion Security Lights

Remember, none of these are in order, to find the best product for you, look through all of them, some of them are near the end that may be better in performance.

1.   Swiftly Done Bright Solar Power Outdoor LED Light

This solar outdoor lighting has the shape of a modern mailbox. The Amazon description refers that it’s easy to install, in seconds. Of course its solar powered so no wiring necessary. It’s weatherproof and also heat resisting. It turns on automatically at night, and turns off automatically at sunrise. Its light is dimmed when there is no motion, as soon as it picks up movement, the LED’s light up brightly. Also, it’s easy to install or stick to most surfaces, glass, wood etc.

The item weight is 0.6 ounces. This product ranks 3.9/5 from a consistent 2,400+ reviews. People may have concerns of someone stealing this from a wall, this product has a strong sticky factor. Just to be safe, you could install some super strong glue to it.

The great thing about this product is that it’s fully automatic. No need to flip switches or go to it and maintenance every day. Turns on by its self during night time, and turns off during day time. At night it’s around 50% brightness when there is no motion detected, so it’s efficient in using its solar energy. It turns to 100% brightness when motion is detected, perfect.


2.   Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light

This product is 2.2 pounds. With this product you can provide lighting to any garage, shed, cottage, or place with dim lighting. This lighting system also works to provide security, so keep out unwanted attention!

Mounting options can see limited because light moves up and down, but not left to right. However they’re easy to install and very bright indeed. In fact you could light up the whole area in front of your house with a single light!

The cons for this one contain primarily of one thing, the manual adjustments. You might have to go up and down the ladder a couple of times to figure out the settings. Beware of water entering this product, as people have reported it to stop working due to water intrusion. However these are durable, and last out for years, they work like new even after 4 years!

Also be careful to install correctly. Other than that, this lighting set is great! Its lighting is very bright and if you come home late, expect your garage and driveway to be lit like it was day time!


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3.   Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

The name isn’t the only cool aspect of this wireless weatherproof and heatproof. This lighting looks phenomenal in the dark, just check out pictures of it from customers on Amazon! They give a royal and modern lighting display. They’re inexpensive and light up a small area brightly. Great for keeping thinks like racoons away! They do have a cheap look because of the silver color plastic color, which may make it look like a toy, but that’s only in the sunlight, otherwise they’re great and do their job.

It’s at 4/5 stars by a 1500+ reviews here on Amazon. They dim nicely and light up on detection. Highly recommended. Also don’t let the size fool you, they might seem small, but the light is very bright and nice.

A very good green choice. There are no batteries involved, only pure sunlight. Some other motion sensor lights, although powered by solar powered but  they require batteries. This one has no batteries and no need to get frustrated in you have to repair them or anything like that.


4. Lampat Garden Waterproof Wireless Security Bright Motion Sensor Light

This product has the shape of that lamppost design. It costs $14, and as the #1 Top Seller on its category on Amazon. It’s rated a 4.5/5 stars from 1700+ reviews.

Some key features include easy installation. Weatherproof and heat-resistance. Eco-friendly, using sunlight, it can shine for 12 hours off of 7 hours charging from the sun. It automatically turns off during the day and on during the night. It dims after 10 seconds of no motion detected. It turns full bright when motion is detected. Being a bestseller, it certainly doesn’t look cheap, it has a sleek and modern design which makes it look very expensive. One ideal situation where you might install this would be the hallway. Up at night? Don’t want to keep turning the hallway light on and off. Then place this thing somewhere you want, it will automatically dim when it doesn’t sense movement. Also ideal for pets, especially cats that usually play around at night. Of course they don’t need the light because of their eyes, but placing the light so it doesn’t directly light up the room, but slyly does it. This is an amazing option for driveways, garages, backyards, porches and parking.


5.   Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

This product boasts an impressive weatherproof design, and charging in all weather conditions. It holds an impressive 4.2/5 stars from 1200+ reviews on Amazon. It’s mostly waterproof so humidity won’t be an issue when using this device. It’s an essential set up to cover areas around your house when it’s dark. You should let it charge up for 3 days after receiving this product, that way it can work most effectively. It, along with all the other motion lights, prevent criminals and robbers, as they don’t want to be seen, they walk near your house and bam! The lights are on in their face, they will feel exposed and flee!

LED’s are bright and cost effective, now even new car models use LED lighting instead of traditional bulbs, because LEDs shine brighter, last longer, and in honesty, look a hell of a lot more modern and cool.


6.   URPOWER 8 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Security Light

Comes in a pack of 4, a #1 best seller in its category. The design of the product is similar to the modern mailbox design (visit link to see image)

Easy installation. No wiring necessary. Waterproof and Heatproof. Ideal for most weather types. You can also purchase by single units of $15. Although I would recommend the bundle. The sensors can see 120 degrees and are powerful. Smart light sensors trigger when person walks in radius, and turns off after 30 seconds. It holds a fine 4.5/5 stars on by Amazon customer reviews.

It’s a bright white light with a bluish tint. Ideal to keep at backyards for dogs at night. Also good for backdoors and steps. Customers have said they also have used it for small tasks like running to the car after the sun sets, this little bight light is perfect for those situations. The maintenance on these babies is 0. No maintenance needed, you can leave them out all year and expect them to work wonderful for every day. It does what it’s meant and described to do. Good way to use it is to put it over a side door. It can be installed without having to worry about damaging the environment as it runs off of sunlight. Even in the winter days, it only takes about 6-8 hours of sunlight to fully charge, so it is ideal for winter months as well.

It automatically switches off during the day, so it won’t waste any power at all.


7.   Nekteck Wireless Bright Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

Comes in a pack of 2, or by single units for $20 each. This product has a different design than most solar lights. Looking more as a lamppost merged with metal. It has a beautiful white light. It contains a weatherproof design and is of stainless steel. The design for this is made so that light is spread out, kind of in a circle in front of the light. It holds a 4.3/5 star rating. It is great as a solution for places that need lighting.

One such place is the infamous backyard, after sunrise, you need to go throw your garbage away? This light will pick up your motion and light up the area, so you can throw your garbage away in peace. If an intruder were to come poking around your house, your bright light would switch on, first of all you would know someone unwanted is in your backyard, also the intruder would run away quickly! The design of this motion light displays it like a hard monitoring or security camera which is sure to repel thieves.


8.   Nekteck 25 LED Wireless Super Bright Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 

Comes in a pack of 2, or singe for $20 each. It’s super bright, and it looks like a flat led encased with borders. The main thing is loaded with a bunch of LEDs to give off more light. It shuts off after 30 seconds of no motion detection. The product is sleek and modern. The size roughly of a book. If you want something simple but effective. This is the sure way to go. Eco-friendly, and a great dive into solar products!

This product has taken a turn from traditional designs, and attempted to create something of a design, that maximizes light, and minimizes bulk of product. 


9.   Litom 20 Big LED Solar Sensor Powered Wall Lights 

This product, being a #1 bestseller in LED lamps, definitely has a reputation to uphold, it turns dim and turns bright when detecting motion. A motion sensor light that is built the way it’s supposed to be. With an impressive almost 180 degree sensory range, you won’t need to go up to it and wave your hand for it to turn on. It has the traditional modern mailbox design, like a sloped triangle. Its LEDs are located on the front of the product. It looks beautiful and is astounding in performance. Since it’s a #1 bestseller, let’s take a look at its rating. 4.7/5 Star rating! Wow, even I’m impressed! This product holds the highest rating out of all the products on this article.

It’s efficient in absorbing sunlight and converting it into usable energy. This sensor powered light doesn’t light up like inferior lights, so that you can only kind of see around, this product lights up bright, so you can pick you details of grass. Just don’t get your neighbours angry with this baby!



All these lights are good, some perhaps better than others, I encourage you to check out Amazon reviews, which will likely help you pick out which one is right for your needs. Remember that it’s important to keep this in mind when looking for sensory lights. Weatherproof is essential, because if it rains or snows or the humidity is out there, and your product is not weatherproof, then it could be damaged. If you also live somewhere there is a lot of sun and gets very hot. Then also make sure your product is heatproof too. Solar powered lights are a great step to show you care about our Earth. Some of them have batteries and run off of sunlight, some don’t have batteries and run purely off of sunlight.

Another thing to consider is lighting, if you need a lot of light and walk out often, or the dog needs lights, then get something that will give a good amount of light. If you live in the country then you can consider very bright lights, but if you live in the city, some bright lights may be a little harsh, and hard to look at directly. Some of the products above have combatted this ‘harsh lighting’ factor by the design. I encourage you to look through the images provided with the links. Have fun with your solar motion detection lighting!

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