Solar Powered Spot Lights

Solar spot lights are a great addition to your backyard and when you need extra lighting. They are great for highlighting a business sign (if you own a small business), statues in your garden or front of your house, or anywhere you need extra light. They are very resourceful, easy to take care of and can make your home or business look beautiful.

The great thing about these is there is no wiring needed. They are easy to install and take only minutes compared to hours or days with traditional spot lights. They are easily charged during the day and will last for eight hours or more during the night.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Solar Powered Spot Lights

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Who Needs Solar Spot Lights?

If you own a small business or want to display your garden at night, then you will need these wonderful devices. If you are someone who hosts a lot of parties or you have a business such as a restaurant, you will want to have spot lights which will allow people to easily see your sign or building.

It is great for people who are on a tight budget and are very money conscious. It will save you time and headaches to install them and will save you a ton of money in the long run. Think of your budget first, and your income. Then realize how much you will spend if you have traditional spot lights versus spot lights run with solar energy.

Why Do You Need Solar Spot Lights?

You need solar spot lights in areas where electricity cannot be used. They help to not only highlight your garden or business sign, but give off necessary light for safety reasons as well. Anything that helps to light up the area makes it more secure.

You will not run the risk of tripping over anything in the dark. They have strong lighting capabilities and will illuminate anything. They are a great money saver and time saver as well and anyone can install them. All you need to do is place them in the area you want them to be and presto! You are done.

Things To Consider When Buying Solar Spot Lights

So now you are more than convinced that the benefits are great with these lights. The benefits of these lights do outweigh the cons in many aspects. So what are some of the things you want to consider when choosing and purchasing a solar spot light? Let’s go more into detail here.

One thing is, how bright do you want it to be? Check out the lumens number on the product description. A lumen is the measurement of the amount of light produced and the higher the lumens, the brighter the light will be.

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How Do Solar Spot Lights work?

Solar spot lights work like any other spot light. They use the power of the sun and will shine in the front of your house or in your back yard. Most of them have LED lights and shine really bright. The solar panels can even be adjusted so they can be charged even if you install the lights in dimmer areas. No matter what excuse you come up with, there is a solution with these lights.

Top 6 Best Solar Spot Lights

Below you will learn about six different solar powered spotlights. If you are looking for one that is lightweight, easy to install with no wires and will shine bright for hours, these will work for you. No matter where you want to place them, you are able to do so much with them.

1.   Amir LED Solar Outdoor Spotlight Wall Light 

This light gives off 200 lumens and has an LED light so it saves energy while it is working. It also has a high and low mode and will be able to work and continue to work in different types of weather because it is waterproof.

It has a switch on it that automates it so it comes on at night and will turn off in the morning. So you don’t have to remember to turn it off. They come with the option to install it two different ways. You can put it in the ground or if you want, it comes with screws so you can mount it to the wall.

Also, if you want to adjust the angle of the light, you can do this as well. It was made so you can angle the light and illuminate the spot that you want to. Once the light is fully charged, you will get eight to fourteen hours out of it until it needs to be charged again. The battery is an 18650 lithium rechargeable and they are meant to last.

Customers who have purchased these lights have a lot of good things to say about them. They love the way the spotlights look in the yard. This particular customer purchased the color changing light, which is identical to the solid color one. It works very well. They put the light in a large potted plant and have it facing cacti and succulents and shines on them all night long.

Another customer claims that this waterproof 180-degree adjustable light is just what they were looking for. They bought it to illuminate a flag they had in their backyard. They left the setting on low and it stayed on for ten hours or more. It has been through a couple of rain showers and still works, so when they say it is waterproof, they mean it.

This last customer said they purchased the white light, but received the color one instead. They decided to keep it, as they are quite pleased with the performance. It turned out that their granddaughter loved the light and all the colors, so it was a nice treat. They love how bright it is and it lasts a long time.


2.   InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights Spotlight Outdoor Landscape Lighting

These are an upgraded version of solar spot lights and they are waterproof, heatproof, and are super bright. They give out 200 Lumens and have a 4 X 50 Lumen enhanced LED. There is a two in one installation capability, where you can stick it in the ground or mount it on a wall.

It will automatically turn on at night and turn off at sunrise. InnoGear lights have a two level brightness mode and it has a longer working time with 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. The light is adjustable meaning you can point it at any angle you wish and shine the light on the perfect spot of your choice. You get optimal sun exposure so that it charges the way it should.

Customers who have purchased this brand of light are very happy with what they received. They say they are bright and the best ones. The solar panel is separate from the light itself so this is an advantage because if you want put the lights somewhere that does not get a lot of sun, you can put the solar panel in an area that gets more sun as long as the chord reaches the area.

Another customer praises how long they last as they have had them in use for three days and the battery lasts until they leave for work the next day. This person wanted a couple of spot lights to light up some dark areas of the yard and did not want to run the power. When they started using these lights, they were exactly what they hoped for.

One other customer notes that with the purchase you receive the spotlight, stake, and the solar panel all connected together. The whole thing is rather large, but very light weight compared to similar lights. They love the high beam and low beam settings and how it is activated when it turns dark.


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3.   200 Lumens Solar Wall Lights / In-ground Lights

There are two modes with this light. There is bright and half bright and it has an auto switch which will come on at night and turn off during the day. It saves power and that is why it lasts. This brand was made to give off 50 Lumens in each LED which totals 200 for the entire light. It is super bright and you will have no problem seeing anything with this.

It has a longer use time with the built in 2200 mAh and an 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. It gets fully charged during daylight hours and will hold the charge for eight hours or more. There is a two in one version of this spot light and it is very adjustable. You can mount it on a wall or put it in the ground. It is very easy to install and takes no time at all. It is also waterproof like most models and will withstand all types of weather making it very durable.

Customers who purchased this light say that it is almost identical to other lights being sold with different brand names, so you are really getting quality no matter what brand you purchase. There are two varieties with this light having 80 lumens and a more powerful 200 lumens. The design is very sturdy and they do last through different types of weather.

Other customers say they are very happy with the purchase and just looking at them you can tell that they can withstand different types of weather. They did mention that it will be better to use the ground stakes as they make it sturdier. The screw holes seem to be close together and make it more difficult to install.

These lights are extra bright which mean they offer more security at night. If you want to light your pathway to your door, or in front of your garage, they help make the way brighter so you can do that. They are very affordable so you don’t have to worry about your budget. They are designed for people who cannot spend a lot to make their home more beautiful and they are worth every penny.


4.   Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminum Warm White LED Spotlight

These particular lights come with a sixty or one hundred lumen feature. The high power light is warm and has LED with special magnifier lenses. The output is at a forty-five degree angle and covers a wide area than other light fixtures.

They are made of cast aluminum which makes them light weight and they have a stylish black textured finish. The lens on the front is clear and resistant from scratches and impacts. It comes with a large remote that controls the solar panel and a lithium battery. This battery is a high performing one and it is made to work with outdoor equipment.

The Mini 50 X Lights have three brightness settings. They run five to fifteen hours on a full charge and have an adjustable brightness setting. Also, on these lights there is a two way mounting feature which is new and improved. You can stake it in the ground or mount it on a wall. The fasteners are mechanical and will allow you to adjust the lights with a soft downlight or uplight.

Customers who have bought these are impressed with the design. One customer bought it for the front of their house and did not want to deal with plugs and electrical outlets, so they went with solar powered lights. When they got the product and tried it out, it was perfect. They decided to get another set shortly afterward so they have a total of four lights.

This customer said they do not write reviews much, but when they got these spotlights, they felt the need to. When they placed them on the front of their home, the up-lighting that they provided was better than expected. They ordered solar spot lights in the past and those were not so great, but these were different. They are bright and provide continuous light at full strength for the entire night.

One other customer said the stands are very sturdy and the brightness is easily adjusted. They have LED lights and a large solar panel remote. They look like they will be able to withstand any storm. When you set them up, they allow you to position them directly under the sun. They are going to buy more in a few months.


5.   High Output Solar Spot Light – White Light

They are very lightweight, only weighing two pounds. They come with a half-inch NPT heave duty PVC stake. The solar spotlights come with an on and off switch on the backside of the solar panel. They have an incredibly high output for a solar spotlight compared to others of the same kind.

Customers are saying really good things about these lights. One person said after they left the lights to charge for at least two day per the instructions, they lit them up. They pointed them against the side of their garage. They definitely worked the way they said they did. Also, they shone the light against some fruit trees and it made them look light blue. It makes everything in the yard look very nice and inviting.

Another customer changed their old lights to a solar light in the yard about three years ago. They got tired of having to hide the wire all the time. The solar lighting has come along way in three years, so when they finally received their lights, they were very excited to set them up. They are very happy with them and say they give off a tremendous amount of light. They also do a great job lighting up a tree in their backyard.

One other customer has had the lights for nine months and can tell everyone that they work great. They let them charge for two to three days like it said to do, and they work like a charm. They never shut them off and will come on automatically at night after charging all day.


6.   Frostfire Landscape Spotlights (Set of 2)

These lights have a powerful LED and are great for outdoors. They are waterproof and heatproof. Frostfire lights come on at night and there are no cables or wires to worry about. The solar panel life expectancy is about five years or fifty thousand hours.

Customers who have bought these say they are better than the others ones they have seen on the market for cheaper. They are the best ones to light up the landscape without having to use the more expensive brand. Paying a little extra for these solar panel lights was the best decision they ever made. You can place the solar panel away from the lights so if the spot you want them does not get a lot of sun during the day, you can position them so they will get more sun.

Another customer says they have a shady area in the front corner of their house and wanted to get lights with a panel that can be mounted around the corner. So these lights seemed like they would work. Not only were they able to put the solar panel where they wanted to place it, the lights worked better than they thought.

The one customer had the lights for over two months and are very impressed with them. Even in the snowstorm, the lights are shining after charging during the day. They purchased these lights and another comparable brand and found that this brand was way better than the other one.


Final Verdict

If you want to light up your home and do not want to spend a lot of money or have to worry about hiding the wires, then these are a great choice. Most of them are 200 Lumens which is very bright for a solar-powered light. You can place them anywhere you want and most of them have a solar panel you can install in an area that gets more sun.

If you are looking for a lightweight product that can withstand any weather conditions, then you should consider any one of these mentioned above. Most people who purchase them fall in love instantly and are very surprised at how bright they really are.

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