10 Best Solar Barn Lights For 2024

As the name suggests, barn lights were used in agricultural set-ups. From being used at silos to farmhouses and of course, barns, these lights were made keeping the durability and longevity in mind.

Built at an angle, these lights primarily served to illuminate a particular area. With time, however, several types of lights and shades made their way into the markets, but the relevance of barn lights is far from being reduced. From the design to the aesthetics, barn lights are just the right things for the old souls who love to live with slices from the past.

However, in today’s world, style is not all that matters. As responsible citizens, one must also think about the environment. Should that mean you give up on your wish to have a cute barn light from the ages of the cowboys? Certainly not.

Solar barn lights are the new in things these days. While you get to live your dream, solar power reduces your carbon footprint and makes you a smart citizen. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to know all that you need about the best solar barn lights.

Reviews of the Best Solar Powered Barn Lights

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Best Solar Powered Barn Lights – Top 10 Reviews

From a host of confusing online options, we have selected 10 best solar powered barn lights that suit your needs the best. From considering the ease of use to finding out the best buy at the cheapest possible price, here are a few solar barn lights for you to choose from.

1. Kyson Indoor Solar Powered LED Barn Light – Vintage Edison Bulb

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 1If you are looking for that perfect barn light that looks like the vintage ones but works like a modern light, then this is the ideal product for you. With both a pull cord and a remote, this solar powered barn light is the best for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Features:

  • The package contains a solar panel
  • A replaceable vintage Edison warm white bulb comes along with the set
  • It also has a 3-metre lead cable which connects the bulb and the solar panel
  • Remote control with on and off buttons is included
  • The package also has all the necessary tools required to set up the light on a wall or other surfaces


  • Long cable suitable for indoor mounting
  • Easy to use a remote control
  • Pull chain for ease of use
  • Vintage design
  • Solar panel charges quickly


  • No provision for high voltage bulbs


2. Gama Sonic GS-122 Outdoor Solar Barn Light with Gooseneck Wall Mount Fixture

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 2If you are looking for something that scores better on the looks and also suits your purpose of lighting up through solar power, then this is the best barn light for you. With a gooseneck design and easy to mount features, this barn light is ideal for your barns, porch, garage and also indoors. It also has a sensor which turns on the light as soon as it is dark.

Product Features:

  • The product has one gooseneck light shed which contains six bright LEDs
  • One solar panel comes with the package which is connected with an 8 metre long chord
  • The light automatically switches on at dusk


  • Bright light
  • Illuminates for 10 hours upon the full charge
  • Solar panel protected by durable, cleanable tempered glass
  • Light shed made of weather resistant cast aluminium
  • Attractive bubbled appearance on the glass dome


  • The light head cannot be tilted


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3. JackyLED Outdoor-Indoor Solar LED Pendant Lights For Barn and Shed

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 3A state of the art bright solar LED light with a multi-function remote, this barn light is the best if you are looking for something that is both high on functionality and also suits your pocket. This solar light also has two modes for wide options of use. This barn light can be used both outdoor and indoor.

Product Feature:

  • One light head with 36 pieces of bright LEDs
  • The package contains a multi-function remote control for different modes, different time settings and brightness adjustments
  • A silicone solar panel with built-in 6000 MAH capacity battery comes with the package along with a 26 feet cord for outdoor mounting
  • It also contains all the necessary tools for wall and other mountings
  • The light head is mounted on a flexible gooseneck which turns 360 degrees


  • Two working modes — constant light mode and light sensor mode
  • Hourly timers
  • Different brightness levels
  • The solar panel can be adjusted up to 120 degrees
  • Waterproof and all weather resistant
  • Wider angle of light dispersion


  • The lithium ion batteries are not replaceable


4. Mlambert Outdoor-Indoor Waterproof LED Solar Barn and Shed Lights

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 4Solar lights are the way forward for a greener tomorrow, period! Since this point has been established and you are here to choose a barn light that runs on solar power, then the more the merrier. This particular product offers you two solar-powered barn lights that are ideal for all kind of setups. You may mount it in your porch or fix it inside the room.

Product Features:

  • This barn light comes two light heads, two remote controls and two solar panels
  • It also has two five metre long chords to connect the light head and the solar panel
  • The bulbs that come with the package have 12 LEDs each for brighter lights
  • All tools required to mount it up come with the package


  • Three levels of brightness at 100%, 75% and 50%
  • Three different timers
  • Automatic switch on and switch off mode
  • Works for 16 hours
  • The solar panels can be rotated 350 degrees
  • Waterproof, heat resistant and frost proof


  • The light heads cannot be tilted


5. Dailyart Outdoor 90W LED Solar Barn and Street Light With Motion Sensor

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 5Though this looks more like a street lamp, you can use this light at your barn, porch, garden or garage. Used mostly for outdoors, it is needless to say that the light is very bright. With easy to use features and ease of installing, this light is perfect for a very bright illumination around your house.

Product Features:

  • The unit contains a light head which has 60 light buds fixed to it
  • A short pole to attach the light to the wall comes with the package
  • It also has a pole bracket to mount the light on a wall
  • A solar panel along with a 12,000 MAH battery is included
  • One remote control with buttons for modes and timers come along with the package
  • All tools required to mount it on a wall or a pole is included in the package


  • Very bright light
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use with remote control
  • Long hours of illumination
  • Auto on and off
  • Different modes of brightness
  • Different timers
  • Waterproof


  • The remote control does not come with a battery
  • Not suitable for indoors


6. Kyson Aluminium Alloy Solar Hanging Barn Light with Remote Control

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 6If you want something simple and aim at just getting the purpose met, then this is the best light for you. Built like the old age barn lights and made of aluminium, this solar powered light can be set up both indoors and outdoors.

Product Features:

  • One light head and an LED bulb comes with the package
  • A 4.6 meter chord with male-female interface is included
  • The solar panel that comes in the unit is packed with a 5200 MAH battery
  • Remote control with 8 timer settings and 3brightness adjustment features along with others is the highlight of the product
  • All tools needed to set the light up comes with the package


  • Two modes — auto and light sensor
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Bright light
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Waterproof


  • The make is slightly flimsy


7. Otdair Indoor-Outdoor LED Solar Pendant Barn Lights

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 7If you are looking for something that is both a blast from the past and also has modern technology to enhance the ease of use, then this is just the product you were looking for. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the best thing about these barn lights is the pull chain that helps you switch on and switch off the light easily.

Product Features:

  • The package contains a light head and a 0.27 metre cable
  • A ceiling mount kit along with a pull chain comes with it
  • A solar panel and a 5 metre long cable to attach it with the light head is included in the package
  • Simple remote control with just the on and off buttons comes along with the package
  • All necessary tools are included in the package


  • Less time to charge
  • Longer illumination time
  • Easy to use with pull chain and remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof


  • No timer option
  • No brightness option


8. BeMexred Upgraded Solar Barn Pendant Lights with Remote Control

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 8Classic and retro styled, this solar powered barn light is not only easy to use, but also does it work for a longer time as the batteries in the solar panel are replaceable. Apt for both indoor and outdoor usage, this barn light gives out longer hours of illumination in just a few hours of charge up.

Product Features:

  • The package contains one solar pendant light with a 16 feet extension cable that helps you mount it both outdoor and indoors
  • It has one solar panel with a 3.7 Volt 4,400 MAH replaceable battery
  • One remote control for multiple functions is included in the package
  • It also has a mounting bracket and two cable ties
  • All required tools come along with the package


  • 18 hours of illumination on a single charge
  • Automatic on and off feature
  • Multiple timer options
  • Three brightness levels at 100%, 75% and 50%
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Replaceable batteries


  • The light head cannot be tilted


9. DiDi DENG Outdoor LED Solar Barn Pendant Lights

A simple and stylish barn light with an LED bulb, the DiDi DENG solar powered lights are easy to install and run for a long time. With different brightness modes and easy to use features, these lights are ideal for your rooms as well as outdoor areas like the porch, garden, walkway and other places.

Product Features:

  • One metal light head with an LED bulb comes in the package
  • A remote for multiple functions is included in it
  • A solar panel with an extendable 9.9 feet chord also comes with the unit
  • All tools required to set it up is included in the package


  • Adjustable brightness at 100%, 75% and 50%
  • Different timer modes
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • Remote sensor is not attached to the bulb


10. Suolerlite Indoor LED Solar Barn Pendant Light

10 Best Solar Barn Lights For [year] 9If style matters to you, then this is the product for you. While it works like any other solar powered barn light, the style quotient can make you go bonkers over it. A lightweight and sleek design, the Suolerlite solar pendant light is apt for your comfy alcohol cellar counter, kitchen counter and reading rooms and even outside the house at your porch, walkway or garden.

Product Features:

  • One light head with an LED bulb that has four white LEDs in it
  • A solar panel and a 3 metre extendable chord comes with the package
  • One remote control with on and off features
  • A pull chain for ease of rope also comes with it


  • Can be used both with the remote and the pull chain
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof


  • The light head cannot be tilted
  • No brightness and timer modes


How To Choose A Solar Powered Barn Lights – Buying Guide

While it may be difficult for you to choose even from the narrowed down options given above, do not worry, we have got your back. Often options create confusion, so it is better to note down a few points that you should look out for. Here, we have done that bit for you. While choosing the best solar powered barn light, keep in mind the following points:

  • Ease of use

This is one of the most important things to ponder upon. By ease of use, we mean how well and effortlessly can you use the light on a daily basis. While some lights have switches, others come with pull chains and remote controls or at times both. Before buying the light, first of all, choose the place where you would want the barn light to be. If you plan to mount it outdoors, then you wouldn’t obviously look at climbing a ladder every time to switch the light on and off. In such a case, the ones that come with remote controls are the best. However, the same functionality may be apt if you are using the light at the kitchen counter or somewhere where you can reach it. Solar powered barn lights that come with pull chains definitely have an edge on both the ease of use and the style quotient.

  • Brightness and timer features

If you have already settled for a barn light without these features, you may skip it. However, for the ones who like to notch it up a bit, these two factors are quite important. Let’s look at them one at a time. You may not want a very bright light inside your room for a long time. A dim light at times is perfect to create a good mood. So for you, who loves a little me time, the adjustable brightness feature is A MUST.

Similarly, suppose you set up a solar powered barn light in your study and have a habit of dozing off on boring subjects, timers are a must for you. You wouldn’t want to waste solar power though it comes for free, would you? The same may apply for the little less careful ones who forget to turn off lights.

  • Installation flexibility

There are a few among us who keep changing the décor of a home. I like it too. But if a barn light does not want to come inside or get out of the room, it may create a hindrance in changing plans. Some barn lights do not come with a big enough chord to mount it at your place of choice. Some chords are so small that the lights can only be mounted outside the house. If you want to keep the option open, always go for the ones that come with those big chords.

  • The flexibility of the solar panel

All parts of your house may not receive the same amount of sunlight. Some might be a little shaded because of that big tree in your garden. However, this should not deter you from mounting the best solar powered barn light. While some panels are fixed, many come with the flexibility of being turned at angles. Turn the solar panel towards the sun and it charges better and helps you achieve your dream of going green.

FAQ – Solar Powered Barn Lights

Which is the best outdoor solar barn light?

If you are looking for that ideal mix of the vintage look and a modern punch, then the best solar powered barn light for you is the Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light with On Off Switch and Pull Cord. Why should you use this? Well, this barn light comes with both a pull chain and remote control for ease of use. The light head is connected with the solar panel with a 3-metre long chord that gives you the flexibility to mount the barn light at your choice of place. What’s more? This light has a reputation for brighter illumination and a wider area of light.

What is a solar barn light?

In simple words, a barn light, which runs on solar power, is known as a solar barn light. You may ask how is this different from other solar powered lights. Well, a barn light stands out in the crowd simply for its design and vintage value. However, there are several types of barn lights which depend upon the form of necks (the design). The most common is the gooseneck barn light.

Do solar barn lights really work?

Of course, they do. In fact, solar powered barn lights work just like any other solar light. The simple mechanism is to connect the light head to a solar panel that powers it and hola! Hail to Edison!

How long do solar barn lights last?

Any form of solar light has a long life. However, one must be mindful of changing the batteries and bulbs for the same brightness all through. It has seldom complained that solar lights have stopped working. However, if you expect it to work in overcast conditions for days together, then solar lights cannot serve your purpose. By and large, solar-powered barn lights work for a long time as most of them are waterproof and the material used to make the light heads can adjust to heat conditions.

How long does solar barn stay on?

This depends on a lot of factors. While brightness is one of them, the timer also has to be taken into account. However, more than these two factors, it depends on the capacity of the battery too. While a powerful battery with higher MAH can supply power for a longer time, if you couple it with lesser brightness, then your barn light will run for a longer time.

Final Verdict

The options have been laid out and explanations catered. However, what is most important is your choice. You are the best judge to decide which is the best solar powered barn light for your usage and suits your purpose the best. So what are you waiting for? This is the time for you to go green and help the country walk towards a better tomorrow. And as we said before, solar lights are the way to go towards a greener tomorrow and what better could be to a couple that with a blast from the past from the days of barns. If you have already decided, just go for it and buy your first solar-powered barn light and we bet, you will come back to our site to thank us. Happy buying!

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