8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For 2024 [Top Reviews]

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Do you know that birdbath solar fountains are a great way to attract and invite wild songbirds to your yard? These bird baths are also one of the easiest ways to provide water for birds, and once they learn about the location of these birdbaths they’ll visit your place frequently.

Solar birdbath fountains are a no-brainer option as compared to the conventional fountains that require electricity. These solar birdbath fountains run off of the solar energy usually turns ON automatically after the sunrise and turns OFF after the sunset. You also don’t have to worry about dealing and running the electric cable from the wall plug-in to the birdbath solar fountain.

We studied and analyzed different solar industry resources and research papers in order to learn about things to look for when it comes to choosing the most reliable and best solar birdbath fountains.

We tried to figure things out on our own but got lost we had no idea what to do, so we ended up engaging with a Certified Mechanical Engineer who has years of experience in dealing with solar panels for one of the most reputed companies in the Solar Energy space. Our team worked with this engineer and also one of his friends who is a Licensed Solar Panel Technician and altogether we came with the handpicked curated list of solar birdbath fountains.

There are literally thousands of solar powered bird bath water fountain available in the market, Amazon.com alone has more than 650+ of these birdbath solar fountains.

We’ve spent more than 42 hours doing our own research and analyzed more than 150 birdbath fountains to come up with the carefully curated list of following 10 solar bird bath fountains.

If you enjoy both landscaping and bird-watching, there’s an easy way to combine those two things: with a birdbath fountain. These simple structures will not only provide birds in your area with a place where they can come and drink, as well as rinse themselves off—providing you with a nice view of the local wildlife—but will also look great when positioned in your garden or backyard. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, colours and designs. But did you know that solar-powered birdbath fountains are also available? In fact, these work thanks to their solar fountain pumps, which takes in direct sunlight and uses it to power the fountain.

Reviews of the Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 8 Best Solar Birdbath Fountain Reviews

Let’s read the detailed reviews of the top 8 solar birdbath fountains from the various brands available in the market.

1. Ankway Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump for Garden and Patio

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 1


  • Brushless pump has no unsightly plug
  • 3 attachments for the nozzle to create different types of streams
  • Large suction cup to stabilize the pump, plus three small cups on the bottom
  • Water spray is impressive; up to 18 inches high
  • Creates a calming, relaxing effect

Efficient Design

This Ankway brushless pump works automatically and efficiently, every time. Because it’s solar-powered, you won’t need to a battery or electricity to make it run. There are no unsightly plugs attached to the pump, either. It runs automatically, without you needing to turn it on or off. It’s designed in such a way that it’s easy to clean. It’s also portable, so you can easily pick it up and move it to other locations, such as when you want to change the layout of the backyard, or when you want to put it into storage for the winter. Further, because there are multiple fountain heads, several types of water patterns are available with this pump. It works most efficiently when it’s sunny outside, and—when it’s sunny enough outside—it will work 24/7

Very Versatile

This pump is highly versatile, in that it can be used not only for birdbaths, but also in small ponds. You can use it to decorate your garden, or even to help water circulation for oxygen in your backyard or garden. The maximum quantity of water flow is 40 gallons per hour, and the maximum height of the water is 18 inches.


2. SOONHUA Solar Panel Water Floating Birdbath Fountain Pump Kit

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 2


  • Requires no battery or electricity to run
  • Starts automatically once sufficient direct sunlight is gathered
  • Very flexible
  • Can easily float in water
  • Does not require installation

Creates Beautiful Patterns

The water spray can attain heights of up to 45 cm (roughly a foot and a half). The maximum lift is 70 cm. There are also four kinds of nozzles included so that you can easily change the direction and flow of the spray. You can also easily remove any of the nozzles so that it creates less pressure; this has a second effect of creating relaxing, tranquil sounds as the water moves about.

Well-Designed Structure

This flexible device floats in water with no problems whatsoever. It has a beautiful design that works well with small ponds or birdbaths, and it also makes a lovely garden decoration. In addition, once the pump has gathered in a sufficient amount of sunlight, it will begin automatically in 3 hours.

User Friendly

This intuitive pump is quite flexible, so you can easily bend it into shapes that will help you direct the flow of the spray. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to install it. The package is comprehensive: there is a pouch of fittings, including the nozzles, in addition to the pump itself and its user guide. All of this is helped by the fact that it’s very affordable; you can get it for less than 30$. It also has a safety feature in that it will turn off when it’s not sufficiently sunny outside, so you don’t waste its solar-harnessing capacities. It also features a guarantee that lasts 24 months (2 years).


3. Solatec Solar Birdbath Fountain

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 3


  • Versatile pump ideal for birdbaths, fountains, and garden decoration
  • Suction cups to secure the base
  • Water can shoot up to a height of 70 cm
  • 3 heads for different water patterns
  • Improves water circulation for oxygen

Durable Device

This long-lasting, brushless pump can last for years on end. It features durable, high-quality construction that ensures that it will keep running fluidly and solidly no matter how much time passes. It efficiently gathers in the sunlight via its useful solar panel

Efficient And Versatile Design

This versatile device—it can be used for bird baths, small ponds, garden decorations, and for improving water circulation for oxygen—is compact, and can be easily moved around when you’d like to change its location. When you’d like to use it, put the solar panel inside the water, and it will turn on automatically once hit by sunlight (provided that the sunlight is bright enough). After it turns on, it will work continuously. Installing the pump is easy, thanks to the sketch map that is included with the product, as is cleaning it.

Has an Aerating Effect

This model has been shown to increase the pH of water in your pool. It will also ensure that the water in your pond continues circulating, improving fish life. It can deliver 150 L of water per hour at max, and the maximum height of delivery is 70 cm, with the minimum being 45 cm.


4. OKMEE Solar Birdbath Fountain (Upgraded)

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 4


  • Beautiful design: shape of a flower planter
  • Completely solar-powered; no need for battery, electricity
  • Multiple spray heads for different flows
  • Ideal for pools, patios and gardens

Very Efficient

This pump works quite efficiently. For example, the solar panel runs on 1.4W. The water flows continuously, thus offering a continuous stream of water for your patio and garden. It starts automatically in 3 seconds once it reaches a certain threshold of sunlight. It features multiple sprayer heads so as to deliver different patterns of water streams. It can attain a maximum water flow of 150 liters per hour, and the maximum height of the water spray is 18 cm (a foot and a half, or about 45 cm). All of this is particularly impressive when one considers its affordable price: you can get one for less than 30$.

Easy To Handle And Deal With

Cleaning the pump is quick and easy, as is moving it to different locations; there are no plugs. It is also quite versatile, so it’s ideal for ponds, birdbaths, and gardens, as well as for improving the circulation of the water. The device is highly flexible, and can float on the water. You don’t need to install it to use it, and using it is simple thanks to its user-friendly design.

Beautiful Design

This model has the design of a flower planter, with a fountain with flowing water right on top. You can easily combine it with other garden accessories, such as real planters and false flowers. The flowing water will attract birds to your garden, so you can watch them as much as you please while they revel in the water. The design also ensures that it can easily get constant sunlight, allowing it to run most efficiently.


5. FEELLE Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump with Battery Backup

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 5


  • Pump has no brush
  • Works automatically in 3 seconds
  • Versatile: good for ponds, pools, gardens, patios
  • Water can flow at max height of 18 inches
  • Max water coverage is 32 inches in diameter

Impressive Display

The height of the sprays of water depends on how much sunlight is being gathered, so this pump can definitely help create some impressive displays. It comes with 6 different pumps so that you can change the flow and the shape of the water, as well as how high it will go in the air. The variety of attachments will not only help you create different aesthetic effects, but will also help you find one which gets you an appropriate size and depth of water flow, that works well with your birdbath or fountain.

Intuitive and User Friendly

This pump is easy to use—even if you don’t have any experience with solar-powered fountain pumps—which is always good news. But more than that, it is benefited by an efficient design and structure. For example, it functions automatically once it has spent three seconds gathering in sunlight that met a certain threshold of brightness. It is also ideal for different environments, including pools and bird baths, and functions well with water circulation for oxygen. When you buy the pump, it comes with a warranty of 100%, as well as 6 attachments. In addition to the user guide, you also get access to Feelle’s very helpful customer service.


6. OUSI Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump Kit

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 6


  • Four different nozzles for all kinds of effects
  • Automatically stops working when blocked or dirty
  • Water can reach 17.7 inches
  • Bottom of the pump protects nozzles from clogging
  • No needless cords or bells and whistles

Create Many Effects

There are four nozzles included with this pump. Therefore, you have several different ways of creating a relaxing ambiance. These kinds of ambiance are useful not only for birdbaths, but also for small ponds and garden decorations. They can even be used to improve water circulation for oxygen. The water can reach a height of 17.7 inches (45 cm), and the maximum height of the pump is 100 cm.

Protect Your Pump

The nozzles can be removed and washed once they’ve begun to acquire dirt. There is also a cover on the bottom, to protect the nozzles of your pump from becoming clogged. As an added safety measure, the pump will cease working if it’s been blocked, or even if it’s dirty, which makes the pump that much safer. If you clean it regularly, you’ll be perfectly fine; there is no need to stress. Indeed, the fountain can function for more than 10,000 hours; this longevity is caused by both its brushless motor, which is built-in and which, in turn, also reduces consumption of energy. Also, the pump begins automatically once it has spent 3 seconds in bright sunlight. It doesn’t have extra cordage or bells and whistles which will only serve to confuse you.


7. LEDGLE 1.4W Solar Floating Birdbath Fountain Pump

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 7


  • 7 unique nozzles with different sprats
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Guaranteed warranty of 1 year
  • Works automatically once placed in water
  • Long-lasting and durable

A Well-designed Pump

This pump runs automatically, right away, once you’ve turned it on. Because it’s solar-powered, no electricity is needed, and there is no battery. The floating design ensures that, once you place it into the water, it will work automatically. The water pump can be detached easily, and it’s also easy to clean once it’s starting to get dirty. Indeed, if you clean it regularly, you can extend the life of the pump quite a lot.

Strength And Versatility

This solar-powered pump, black in color, is versatile; you can use it as part of a fountain birdbath, of course, but it’s also compatible with small ponds. You can use it as a garden decoration, or even as a means of water circulation for oxygen. It comes with four unique outlet covers, so that you can create different streams of water, with the end result of creating beautiful visual effects. It’s made out of polysilicon and plastic for strength, and the maximum flow is 150 liters per hour. The maximum lift is 27.6 inches (70 cm), and the maximum spray height is 17.7 inches (45 cm). In addition, everything you will need to use the pump is included in the comprehensive kit: there is a user manual, as well as seven different nozzles to create a variety of visual effects. The warranty lasts a year, so you can get it repaired or replaced at any point during that time period.


8. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

8 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains For [year] [Top Reviews] 8


  • Quick-start device: starts working in only 3 seconds
  • 4 nozzle heads for different sprays; 6 attachments total
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Stable and safe
  • Highly efficient

Safe, Efficient Design

This highly flexible device can float in water, and its fast, efficient, stable solar panels will work safely every time. There is no external power supply, which prevents accidents from developing. Further, the device is easy to install, so you won’t have any trouble assembling it. It’s also user-friendly and intuitive, so you won’t have any trouble using it, either. It simply starts after three seconds—provided, of course, that there is enough sunlight in the sky to maintain the energy.

Beautiful Aesthetics

This efficient, stable, quick-start pump can also create some amazing visual effects. For example, it comes with four different sprayer heads, each of which has its own unique pattern of streaming water. Each of these can be assembled so as to create various heights, and to shape the flow of the water in various ways. You can use it many different environments, including small ponds and bird baths. You can even use it as a decoration for your garden, patio or backyard.

Benefits For Owners

If you buy an Alvivi solar fountain pump, then you will receive a warranty of 100%, as well as access to friendly, knowledgeable customer service agents. 6 attachments are included with the pump, as well as a user guide.


How Does Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump work?

Solar birdbaths fountain pumps consist of a pump that is used to operate a birdbath. By controlling the pump, you can decide on the trajectory of the water—how high you want it to go, as well as what direction you want it to move in. The pump functions via solar power—i.e., it powers itself by taking in the light from the sun and converting it into energy. This energy is then used to direct the flow of the water. Once you’ve settled on how you want the water to flow, you can set the system in that way, and watch the birds come to the fountain, playing around in the water, to your heart’s content.

Things To Consider When Buying Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump

If you’ve set out to buy a solar birdbath fountain pump, then there are several things you’ll need to take into account. It wouldn’t do you any good if you just chose any random model, installed it in your backyard, and got it working—only to have it stop working two days later. After all, as regrettable as it is, some models do have such low quality that they’ll barely last a month if that. Fortunately, there are countless high-quality models available on the market, so—if you do your research properly—you will easily be able to find a premium model that complies with your needs, tastes, and desires.

  • Size of the pump

Solar birdbath fountain pumps come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of the fountain itself and on how you want the water to flow. Thus, in order to find one that’s the right size for you, you’ll need to watch out for certain factors. For example, how much water do you want the pump to circulate when it’s working? Some low-volume pumps feature the ability to shoot thin streams of water into the air, whereas their high-volume counterparts eject large projections of water instead. Similarly, how high do you want the water to go when it’s flowing? This will also depend on the size of your fountain. To regulate the answers to these questions and more, decide if you’d prefer a small pump or a larger one. A pump for a small bath should ideally have a head rating from 18 – 24 inches, and the volume of circulation of water should be 45 to 60 gallons per hour. If you’d prefer a pump for a pond, then look for a head rating of 60 – 72 inches and a water circulation volume of 160 to 250 gallons.

  • Where should you place the pump?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not you’d like the pump to be visible. If that reality wouldn’t bother you, then you can put the solar panel next to your birdbath fountain. If, however, you want to not be able to see the pump, to create a clean look, then you ought to find a pump that whose wiring is long enough so that the panel can be placed away from the fountain. Despite this, however, don’t forget that the panel should still be sufficiently exposed to sunlight so that it can gather in as much energy as possible.

  • When should the fountain work?

Some birdbath fountains work during the day; some at night; and some can be run for 24 hours at of 24 hours. As you might imagine, those that are working for longer periods of time will require more energy, the gathering of which can be made difficult by the fact that the pump is solar-powered. Thus, if you’d like a fountain that runs during the night-time, when it can’t gather in the rays of sunlight, look for a pump that’s sold with a rechargeable battery. That way you can simply charge it when it’s running low on solar power. Depending on the model, you might also be able to use an extra car battery in the same way. However, if you only want your fountain running during the day, you can simply leave the pump to do its business on its own; it will easily capture sunlight and use it to power itself.

Final Verdict

Using a solar-powered pump for your birdbath fountain is an easy, excellent way of dressing up your backyard while remaining environmentally friendly. Although many models are offered on the market, if you keep some important considerations in mind—such as where you’d like to place the fountain, when you’d like it to work, and what size it should be—then you’re all set for finding an amazing model. In particular, you can consider the models we’ve mentioned in this article, but don’t feel constrained by them; there are, after all, dozens of other models that will suit your tastes equally well. If you find the right model, then you’ll be set for years and years, so take your time. That way, you can find one that’s perfect for you and your needs.

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