7 Best Solar Charger For Backpacking 2024 [Top Reviews]

Have you experienced with a dead battery when you’re the outside? Due to enhancement in technology, it is necessary to use a lot of advanced features on phone. But, it consumes more power and battery easily goes to die. In order to charge the phone, some options such as portable power bank, car charger and more, but all those options are not suitable all the time for backpacking, camping or hiking, because it can’t able use charger while hiking.

For this reason, many companies have introduced a solar charger for backpacking. So, you no need to look for power supply to plug-in and charge your phone. Simply find the mobile signal, plug the USB cable of solar charger and place the phone on the comfort zone to charge it. In addition to that, it saves a lot of money on spending on multiple charging cords.

Reviews of the Best Solar Charger For Backpacking

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How Do Solar Charger for Backpacking Work?

In order to know how do solar charger for backpack works, you need to understand something about solar energy. The important role that played by the solar charging system is photovoltaic cells, and more PV cells are combined together to form modules. And, the formed modules collect light of the sun and as well as convert it to electricity power.

On the other hand, we need any substances that have the capability of conducting electricity, called as a semiconductor. The solar charger contains silicon as a semiconductor to conduct electricity. So, when the light of the sun reaches the solar modules formed by PC cells, it is absorbed by the semiconductor. After that, silicon on the semiconductor device reacts with PV cells and produce electric current. This electric current is stored in your phone’s battery for later use. That’s all!! This is the basic working mechanism of solar charger for backpacking.

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Things To Consider When Buying Solar Charger for Backpacking:

The solar charger is designed to offer convenient, energy-saving and also an enjoyable method of charging for smartphones. So, most of the people would like to buy a solar charger not only for backpacking but also for other reasons too. When you look solar chargers to pay, you will get plenty of options in these days market. But, if you want to buy the best charger, then you need to match the charger with your personal requirements.

Thus, you need to find what type of solar charger for backpacking suits you and your needs. To find the best products, there are some key factors for you people to refer while choosing solar phone charger. Let’s see!!

  1. Charging Capacity

The functionality of a device should vary from others, so you need to check about the capacity of the charger, size and as well as its type to ensure this factor. For example, some device gets charged directly from the battery, but others are not. Thus, knowing the functionality or charger’s relationship with your device is crucial to take the right decision on which type of solar charger.

  1. Solar Panel Details

Next thing to consider is details of solar panel because the efficiency of the panel is based on the type of solar panel used on the charger. At the same time, efficiency is one of the factors that help you to determine about quality. For instances, most of the solar phone chargers are made with first-generation crystalline silicon, which is best on generating electricity even on the low light of the sun.

  1. Portability

You’re looking solar phone charger for backpacking, so portability is a vital thing to make the backpacking as best one. In the meantime, many people prefer this kind of solar chargers because of portability too. However, it is always best to buy a charger that is larger than your mobile phone and these are a very best option for everyday use too. This is because the larger solar charger is made of metal frames, renewable materials and also with the thick panels. Thus, you can expect a better durability and also stands even on the regular use too.

In this case, you need to avoid cheaper chargers even these have a big capacity of charging to get what you pay for.

  1. Weight

If you want to buy a portable solar charger for backpacking, then the high priority for you should be a low-weight. So, here also you need to compare more than one option available on the market to pick the right weighted charger. Meanwhile, it is not that much easy to compare the weight of the charger, because sometimes the manufacturers list only the panel weight and not others. But, by doing some more research on this key point, you can come to know how to do it.

  1. Warranty of solar charger

In this key point, you have to ask yourself as what the product’s warranty is? How to contact customer service if you need? If you got an excellent answer for these questions, then you can precede it further. This is because there are more chances for the charger to work faulty and you need to look for service to repair it. In this case, the seller’s after sales service is best to have.

These are the things that you need to consider when buying a solar charger for backpacking or travelling.

Recommended Product Reviews – Top 7 Solar Charger For Backpacking


1.   Solar Powered Backpack with 2L Water Bladder & 7W Solar Charger from ECEEN


The solar powered backpack with a solar charger is a flexible, lightweight and as well as an integrated 7 watts removable solar panel. In addition to that, this solar panel is made of highest efficiency, so produce more power. The monocrystalline silicon panels on this solar charger capture a lot of sunlight and generate more energy. From this charger, you can get up to 7-watt output, so the device is fully charged within 3 hours.

If you want to buy an ultra light weight solar charger specially designed for backpacker, then this is the best choice for go fast and light.

Key features:

Some of the key features of this solar charger are as follows:

  • TCS bearing system:

It has unique Trampoline Suspension System, which allows the fresh air to pass to keeps you cool and comfort.

  • Recurved straps

This backpack with solar charger includes fabric cover straps that are 3D and as well as breathable fabric. Additionally, it also ensures the maximum ventilation and comfort.

  • Waterproof

It is made of Ripstop nylon fabric, so it works to avoid rainwater infiltration for a short period of time.

  • Package includes

This backpack with a solar charger is packed with items such as external frame pack, 10k mAh battery pack, 7 watts solar panel, charger cable, manual and 2L bladders bag.


2.   Solar Charger Backpack (7W) with 10,000 mAh Power Bank from SunLabz

The solar charger backpack is the ideal device for various purposes such as hiking, camping, portable pack, biking, camping, and like more. And, you can charge all your mobile devices with the attached solar panel and voltage stability controller.

When you buy this power bank, you no need to left with a drained battery; because your phone can get energy how long the sun is shining.

Key features:

  • Lightweight

This anti-scratch solar panel is made of lightweight, weather resistant and as well as a durable charger too. Apart from that, PVC fabric used on this charger makes it as an excellent product for outdoors.

  • Transfer rate

The transfer rate of this solar charger is 22% that guarantees the top and reliable performance for you.

  • Ultra-smart technology

It uses ultra-smart technology that makes sure the worry free and compatibility fastest charging speed for all kinds of devices such as android, apple, tablets and other USB powered devices.

  • Power bank

If the sun is not on your side and can’t able to use solar phone charger, then no problem; it comes with a power bank that helps you to keep your phone alive at other times.


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3.   ECEEN Solar Backpack

7 Best Solar Charger For Backpacking [year] [Top Reviews] 1This solar charger captures more and more sunlight than other conventional solar panels, so you will get more energy at a time. This is because it is one of the large-capacity packs and a waterproof battery pack works at a high rate such as 10,000mAh. Thus, all the absorbed solar energy is converted and also stored in the batteries for later use safely and automatically.

With this device, it is easy to store power in batteries for nighttime use, so you no need to worry about sunset.

Key features:

Below is a list of key features of this solar backpack with a phone charger.

  • Ideal choice:

This is an ideal choice for holding with backpack supplies during the hiking, camping, biking, and more. And, you can use this charger with attached solar panel and voltage stability controller to get energy for batteries.

  • Voltage stability control

It comes with a protective voltage stability control that prevents unstable or damaged currents. In addition to that, it features 22% of transfer rate solar cells for maximum energy.

  • Plentiful

Solar power that you obtained from this charger is clean, renewable and also plentiful too. So, you can able to live with eco-friendly at all places of backpacking.


4.   Ivation 7 W Solar Charging Panel

This Ivation solar charging panel is designed to fit comfortably in a backpack, so it is easy to carry the solar panel along with list items on the backpack. A number of adventures use this lightweight and portable package.

On the other hand, it should be a permanent fixture on your backpack in the future to make it as great for outdoors. Are you ready to go with this solar panel? Here are some of the key features of this solar panel.

Key features:

  • 7-Watt Flat Solar Panel:

The output of this solar panel is 7 watts and 6 volts, which features high-efficiency cells and also finished with an anti-scratch coating to cover most of the sunlight. Thus, you can expect an excellent performance and as well as reliability even in all environments. At the same time, this is a removable solar panel, so you can change the direction of the panel to any direction.

  • Dual Device Charging

It features dual 5-volt USB output ports, so you can charge your 2 devices at the same time and those 2 devices are may be smartphones, external battery packs, mp3 players, and like more.

  • Bladder bag

One of the best things about this solar panel with a backpack is, it is packed with a long and flexible drinking pipe that reaches your much to hydrate yourself when you’re mobile getting charge.


5.   KINGSOLAR™ Camping Hiking Backpacking Portable 8W Solar Pael Foldable solar charger

7 Best Solar Charger For Backpacking [year] [Top Reviews] 2If you want to buy a folding backpacking with a solar panel, then this is the perfect choice for you people, because this compact and the ultra-lightweight backpack are made of 2 –panel design and allows you to fold it. Additionally, it also includes more carrying or hanging options too.

It uses industrial-grade PET plastic and heavy-duty polyester canvas materials to design this solar panel with a backpack. Apart from that, you no need worry about weather conditions and durability, because it meets all your needs on solar panel with a backpack.

Key features:

Some of the key features of this charger to know the reason for preferring this product are:

  • High Efficiency:

You will get up to 18.5% of efficiency from this solar panel rather than 15% as like as other products on the market.

  • Intelligently Power Supply

You may use this intelligent power supply even your home if you get free sun lights.

  • Compatibility

This is highly compatible with most of the devices such as apple version 4s, 5s and 6, android, Samsung galaxy, tablets, and other USB charging devices.

  • Portable Design

This is a foldable and compact solar backpack phone charger, so it will get maximum portability for your backpacking.


6.   ECEEN Backpack Daypack with Moveable Solar Panel Charger

7 Best Solar Charger For Backpacking [year] [Top Reviews] 3This solar backpack works well to capture more and more sunlight not like as other conventional solar panel because it will generate plentiful electricity per panel. On the other hand, it helps to store required energy to use at night times too. So, no matter that days or night, you can keep your device live at all times.

Moreover, this is a removable and compact size solar panel charger for your backpack, so it is very easy to hang it on the backpack during outdoors.

Key features:

  • Durable

This is made with high-quality water and as well as tear resistant nylon materials, so you will require durability. With the minimal weight of the solar charger, you get long-lasting performance.

  • Lightweight

The weight of this solar panel with a backpack is lightweight and roomy, so this is the perfect option for vacation, travel, hiking, camping, and more.

  • Easy to folds up

This solar backpack allows the user to fold up, so you can store it in your suitcase, car, and even on the purse too. And, you no need to carry an extra bag for this solar panel.


7.   Laptop Backpack, Book School Bag +7 Watts Waterproof Solar Panel Charger

7 Best Solar Charger For Backpacking [year] [Top Reviews] 4If you want to buy a backpack that specially made to carry a laptop, then this is an excellent choice for you to keep solar panel charger along with you always on the outdoors. This laptop backpack is made of high-density nylon Cordura and soft bubble foam padded layer. So, it is great for shock absorption and also protects it from accidental scratches too.

Thus, you can carry your work along with you on the outside with solar panel for charging the mobile.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design

Its ergonomic design with comfortable and breathable design panel highly supports your pack and back well. Additionally, it also has contoured shoulder straps that offer great features while travelling.

  • Rechargeable power bank

It includes built-in slim and waterproof Li-Polymer battery pack charger for all kinds of a device such as Samsung, iPhone, GPS systems, Bluetooth speakers and like more.

  • Package includes

This laptop backpack with solar panel is packed with ECEEN solar charger laptop backpack, USB to DC USB cable, and instruction manual.


Final verdict:

Thinking about backpacking or travelling and battery of your mobiles, then solar phone charger is simply a wonderful invention. As like as other solar appliances for the home, you can also live and playoff conveniently with a solar charger. This is not only for convenient but also recyclable, so you can go with eco-friendly. But, it is very important to buy the best charger that suits your phone to keep your phone’s battery alive.

Finally, I hope this guide helps you to take a right decision on buying a solar charger for backpacking, so simply refer this guide to make sure the best buy.

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