10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For 2023 [Top Reviews]

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Solar pathway lights are great outdoor decorations, which illuminate the path leading to your front door or a garden you are trying to show off. They make it convenient for you and your guests to see where they are going in the dark. These outdoor solar lights also make the pathway bright and attractive. Most of the lights manufactured today are weather resistant as this is important to keep them looking nice for years to come.

As with any product you buy there are questions that stick in your mind. Who needs this product, why would I need it, what are some things to consider about the product, how do they work, and which ones are the best on the market? We will give you answers to these questions and tell you which lights are the best solar pathway lights available right now along with our top 10 reviews and recommendations.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Solar Powered Pathway Lights

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Who Needs Solar Path Lights?

The first thing to think about is safety. If you are planning to have people come over for a party or a get together, you want to illuminate the pathway to your door. The lights help guide people to the door and make sure you or no one will trip over anything that may be in the way.

People who live in dark areas with less street lights will want to consider having this product light their pathways. Since it can be pretty dark in their area, they need to think safety first. Solar pathway lights also give you just the right amount of light to see and so they are not too bright for your eyes to adjust to.

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Why do you need Solar Pathway Lights?

You need these because they are economically and environmentally friendly. They are solar powered, which some have batteries charged by the panels so you are not using up so many batteries, and some do not even require a battery at all.

Another reason you will need these products is because you save money with them as far as buying batteries goes and electricity. As we know the prices of utilities can go up, and rarely will go down, so you need to be conscious of how much you are spending on electric.

Another good thing they will do for you is making the neighborhood nice and bright. It is one thing to light up the area so people can see, but it will also make the area look a little more decorated. Sometimes when people are buying or selling houses, the way in which the neighborhood looks can convince someone to buy a house there or not.

Things to consider

Some things to consider before making a final decision on your purchase of solar pathway lights, is how much are you willing to spend? You need to keep in mind what your budget is and stay within the numbers.

You also want to consider how long the lights will last. Check out the reviews and see what others are saying. Many people do not comment on this aspect of the product, but there are some who do. If you need more information, you can always look up the website for the brand you are interested in or look at a review site.

How do they work?

There are different parts that make up a solar pathway light. You have a top cover, which can be opened to see the components inside. Once opened, you will see a battery, an LED light, a controller board, and a sensor – which detects how much light is shining outside. When it gets dim outside, the sensor will detect that and will turn on when there is not enough light.

A solar pathway light uses solar cells, which store energy, and also gives off volts from each single cell. The amount of electric currents, which pass through, the lights vary depending on the size of the cell and the amount of light shining on it. After storing this energy it will use what was stored to light the LED and illuminate the area where you put it.

Now for the Top Ten Lights you were waiting to hear about

As I already said, you can look at reviews to get an idea about which lights you want to purchase, but below I will describe ten different brands of solar pathway lights so you can get a good idea of which may want to purchase before going through all the trouble of researching them on your own.

All of these have great ratings so you know they are of good quality. I wrote a small description, gave some key features, and some points, which other customers have made to help make your buying decision easier.

1.   Garden Joy Solar Powered LED Garden Lights (Set of 10)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 1

These particular lights are very easy to install and will assemble in less than one minute. You can push them right into the soil and then they are ready to be used. At night they will light up automatically and you will not need to do anything else but enjoy them.

A few features for this particular product is they are weather proof and last a long time in all weather conditions. They are designed to last in the rain, snow, and the sun and warm weather. The value is pretty good as you get ten lights per box and each one has a rechargeable battery.

If you want the lights to be higher or lower, you have the option as they come with two size options so included in the package are twenty posts for the ten lights. You are also protected by a one-year warranty so if you are not completely satisfied with the performance or they are not working as you hoped, you can return them up to one year from your purchase.

These lights are a great size as they measure 13.8 X 10.5 X 5.1 inches so they will not take up much room at all. Their color alone will help to keep them looking new through any type of weather. Many people will also agree that they are pretty decent lights for the money.

One customer who reviewed this product says they look really beautiful on the walkway and the height is just perfect so it works really nice for them. Another person said that even during the winter they work well with less sunlight to charge them. They are very pleased with them.


2.   Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Path Light (8 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 2

This particular brand of light comes in a two pack with a warm white LED equipped with an AA NiCd Battery. When dusk hits, it will turn on the bulb in the unit. Installing this simple light is very easy and will only take a couple of minutes.

Once it is installed, your light will work instantly as it collects energy from the sun to illuminate later at night. It is very stylish with a “rich rubbed bronze” finish and an extra large ribbed glass lens for the maximum output of light.

Equipped with a one-year warrant, it is convenient in case anything does happen to it during the year. Even though it is weather resistant there you can ensure you are covered for at least a year. With the style and finish however, it will be rare that anyone need to return this item because it was damaged or faded too soon.

These lights are very lightweight with the total package weighing only 3.5 pounds. They are small with dimensions of 12.2 X 9.8 X 7.2 inches but are easy to see and will add character to your front yard, garden, or walkway. To keep them looking nice through the weather, they have a bronze finish, and the light area is made of glass. They do come with rechargeable batteries, which is what the solar panels were designed to do.

According to customers who purchased this brand of solar lights, they work great and are as bright as they claim they are supposed to be. Someone else says they are the same quality as their description. In fact the title of their review was “way better than advertised.” So you can’t go wrong with these lights.

Lastly, a buyer said they were sturdy and easy to assemble. Being that most people have less time during the day than they would like, making these lights very easy to install will take less time away from what you want to do.


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3.   Signstek Solar Powered LED Wireless White Path Light (24 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 3

These solar step lights are recharged like the others and have no problem recharging in a dim or overcast sky. At dusk they will automatically turn on. You can place them on stairs either vertically or flat and perfect especially in places where there is no electrical supply or in dark places. They are charged by a monocrystalline silicon solar panel holding enough energy to power them for a long time.

Also a lightweight item, the whole package weighs only 3.5 ounces and as these are small items, yet they are still just as powerful. They measure 3.9 X 3.1 X 0.8 inches. Once they are assembled they will measure .79 X 3.94 X 3.15. They are white in color and made of plastic. They give off 1.2 Volts and have an adjustable light direction.

Customers are claiming these are as good as the description says they are. For instance, one person who bought these lights says they bought them for their pool deck, which they will not light up the deck completely, but is exactly what they wanted. Another great point is they do not attract bugs according to the review.

Another customer said they were very bright and lasted all night. This person mounted them on concrete so they would stay in place. As they were very pleased with the quality and how well they stayed mounted, they purchased more.


4.   Diamond Shaped Sparkling Color Changing Solar Walkaway Lights (4 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 4

These lights give off super bright LED lighting so there is plenty of light to see the pathway or garden area where you put them. The average light of its kind gives out one to two lumens and this one gives out eighty lumens. You will only need a few of these to make the pathway as bright as you need it.

The design looks like it is stainless steel so it is very popular and attractive. The top of the lamp is made from plastic but it does not even appear like it is. After the lamp is fully charged, it will give you eight hours of light. Even as the battery reaches the end of its charge, it still gives off amazing bright lights.

This product is 7.9 X 7.7 X 6.3 inches and weighs only 1.3 pounds for the whole package. Silver in color they go great with any patio decoration that you have, especially something that is stone like a birdbath or stone bench.

For some customers, cost is very important but yet they want their patio or walkway to be nice and inviting. One particular customer said they actually cost more per lamp than other brands but are many times brighter as the others. They felt the price was worth it.

Another customer is very pleased because of the safety that the lights provide to her and her husband. They are always on when they need them to be. The rechargeable batteries will need to be replaced eventually but do last a long time.


5.   Smartyard 9627822 Home Solar Pathway Lights (8 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 5

There are eight 1.2 Volt 400 mAh NI-MH rechargeable batteries that come wih these lamps. They can run up to eight hours on a single charge and are powder-coated oil rubbed black and crafted in stainless steel. Each light is 5.9”L and 18.4” H and has 1 LED light with a crystalline solar panel in each one. Every light gives off 3 lumens per light and will provide the maximum energy giving off a warm white LED light.

They are black in color and have a brushed steel finish, which helps them to last longer in every type of weather condition. They give off 1.2 volts of electricity and nether batteries are included or required. The aluminum they are made from makes them look very stylish as well.

These lights are very high quality according to customer reviews and one person said they are the best lights on the market. Originally this customer bought a set at COSCO but also feels this brand is superior to others that they bought from Amazon in the past. Other customers mention how easy they are to assemble and install and feels they are much sturdier than most you will buy in a store.


6.   Moonrays 91758 Keswick Style Solar Metal Path Light (4 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 6

These lights have a swirled plastic lens which provides a 360 degree display and 120 degree angle of warm LED lighting. They are made of metal with a pearl-bronzed finish. Measuring at 12.4 X 9.1 X 6.1 inches so they are a great size. They do include AA batteries, which are rechargeable. They can be shipped to select countries if outside of the US, but very limited as to where they can be sent.

Customers feel very highly of these lights and will tell you how wonderful they think they are. Someone bought a four pack which were easy to setup, but also mentioned how they are brighter than other solar lights they have used before. What was especially attractive with these lights is they have a spiral or ray pattern on the ground and is pleasing to the eye.

Another person who bought these has owned several different types of these solar lights. These were the best they had ever owned. They are much brighter than standard solar lights but also are very sturdy too according to the review. They will never go for another brand of lights since they have owned this particular brand.


7.   Plow & Hearth Solar Path Lights with 6 LEDs Aluminum & Glass (4 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 7

Plow and Hearth lights are made with die cast aluminum making them very durable and long lasting in any weather condition. The workmanship on these products is very finely detailed and so they are worth it if you like to have nice decorations for your yard or pathway. Each head of the light has six super bright white LEDs.

At 18.7 X 10.9 X 7.9 inches they do not take up much room and are a great addition to your other patio or front yard decorations. Included with each light is 1 X 400 mAh lithium phosphate battery, which will last up to ten hours on a single charge, giving you plenty of light at night.

People who use solar lights rave about this particular brand. Beautiful and very well made are some of the comments by users and they are very pleased with their decision to purchase them. The batteries last a long time and they give off very bright light. When there are days when it rains, they are still shining as bright as expected.


8.   Signature Garden Solar Garden Pathway Lights (8 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 8

As with the other products mentioned, they are very easy to set up and will charge during the day. Each charge will last up to eight hours a day. They have a black finish and they blend with surroundings providing a neat look to any garden or walkway.

Manufactured with white LED lights, this gives off the most natural and bright light for any dark area. On one single charge, they will last for eight hours. They are very lightweight as the total package of eight only weighs about 2.85. They measure 16.9 X 7.6 X 5.3 inches, so they are pretty big, but not overwhelming.

Most people will choose a black finish so they look good with any landscaping or garden that is grown. People who buy these lights say they are very attractive and look great in their garden. One particular person planted shrubs in their garden and placed the lights in front of flowering shrubs along the side walk. Once installed and working, they were exactly what this customer was looking for.

Many others will tell you how easy they are to install. Even though it comes with an instruction book, one lady did not even need help setting them up. She was able to do it by herself and took no time at all. Afterwards, she was able to enjoy the rest of her day.


9.   BEAU JARDIN Outdoor Solar Bright Pathway Lights

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 9

Beau Jardin brand lights definitely make your garden or walkway very extraordinary when decorating it with them. You get ten lights in this pack so there are plenty of them when you need extra lighting. Each light is made with maintenance free ABS so you will get years of use out of them and gives off white LED lighting. They will give great light to your walkway or garden area.

The total package weight is 4 pounds and they measure 15.4 X 10.4 X 6 inches. They are made of plastic and carry 2 volts of electricity when fully charged. Each lamp will contain an LED, which will give off a very nice light. The only thing to look out for is if you live in California, which they give a proposition warning for.

According to customers that have bought these, they find that these lights make their lawn nice. One customer says that they do not have a lot in the way of money to keep their lawn looking nice and pretty, so even though there are flaws in the lawn and they do not want it to be so noticeable at night. These lights give off a nice sparkle and actually make it look nice.

Another customer says that they received their lights in August and installed them in the afternoon. They were only exposed to sunlight from about 3PM to 7PM. They had a meeting to go to and did not return until about 9PM and their yard was ablaze with beautiful starburst light patterns.


10.   Westinghouse Bastille II Solar LED Stake Light, Bronze (6 Pack)

10 Best Outdoor Solar Path Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 10

These lights are a pretty chocolate brown finish with a glass lens. They have a natural LED white light but also can change colors. Each one is 100% solar powered and will require no wiring or other forms of electrical power.

Not using wires for electricity is definitely a plus when it comes to making your garden or walkway pretty. You need to think about when the time comes to mow the lawn or take care of weeds, or plant new flowers. They do not have wires that can get caught in the lawn mower or weed-whacking device. Also the weather will erode the wire and eventually it will look terrible and possible cause other problems.

The whole entire package weighs 10.5 pounds and they stand at 15 X 6 X 6 inches making them one of the larger size lights. Their brown earthy color will add flavor to a yard or patio already decorated and is well kept. The light they have is LED.

When people are buying these solar powered lights, they generally buy they for this reason. For this particular brand, people are saying these are the best lights they ever purchased. Others feel the lights are nice, but many think they add enjoyment to their patio. Lastly, people believe these products are well built and very attractive.



There are many reasons why people purchase the solar powered pathway lights, but one common reason is certain; to save energy and protect the precious environment, it is wise to rely less on electric and polluting forms of energy and use the natural forms of energy that are available to use.

The sun is one major form of energy we have learned to harness and use for many things. One of them is when you need a convenient light for your walkway to your house. It is easy to use them as you do not need to worry about plugging them in and laying the wire in your lawn or on the pathway. It is also great because you will not destroy the wire with the lawn mower.

Now you want to make your patio or pathway inviting to other guests, and you have the chance with these affordable yet very attractive lights. I hope you gained some insight on each type before making your final buying decision but do your own research as well.

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