10 Best Solar Powered Desk Lamps For 2024 [Top Reviews]

A solar desk lamp increases the illuminance to better accomplish any activity. It is used as a reading light in your home’s cosiest nook, and it can create nice and soothing lighting in all the rooms of your home.  It is used in clinics and operation theatres by doctors, dentists and surgeons. It is used for arts, crafts, cooking, model construction, repairs, designing, sewing and writing.

Reviews of the Best Solar Desk Lamp


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Top 10 Best Solar Desk Lamp Reviews

There is a wide range of solar powered desk lamps available in the market in-store and online. Choosing the perfect solar desk lamp can be a tedious and confusing task.  We have analyzed and listed our top-rated solar desk lamps to make your life easier. We hope that this curated list will help you choose the best solar powered desk lamp for your need.

1.  Anpress Flexible Gooseneck Style 4-LED Mini Solar Desk Lamp

10 Best Solar Powered Desk Lamps For [year] [Top Reviews] 1

This desk lamp will make your study room cosier and comfortable. It will provide you with enough light for as long as you need it.

  1. Anti-dazzle:

Discomfort caused by irritation or fatigue after extended exposure to glare from the light source is called dazzle. Such discomfort also has a psychological influence. This anti-dazzle LED solar desk lamp adopts diffusion plates as its main axis, making your space comfortable.

  1. Noiseless adjustment:

You can bend, twist and turn its durable and flexible metal Gooseneck in any angle or direction without even the slightest noise.

  1. Two ways of charging:

Its solar panel and USB are the two alternative charging methods.

  1. Maintenance free:

You will never have to replace its batteries.

  1. Lightweight and portable:

It weighs less than even six ounces. You can easily carry it in your backpack.


  • Its mini USB cord is included, so don’t worry about spending some extra bucks.
  • It is affordable and cost effective.
  • It is easy to use in all seasons.


2.  Solar Powered and Hand Crank Dimmable Desk Lamp

This is all in one solar gadget. It is an excellent little thing about making your life easier.

  1. All in one:

Four useful machines are combined in one tiny one including a siren alarm with blinking orange light, a digital turning emergency weather radio, LED flashlight torch and LED reading light.

  1. Three charging modes:

You can charge it in three different ways using its built-in solar panel, Dynamo hand cranking generator or USB via your laptop, computer or AC.

  1. Long working time:

After full charge your torch will work for thirty two hours, a desk lamp will work for seven hours, the radio will work for twelve hours and siren will work for eight hours.

  1. Easy to use:

Its one touch-sensitive switch on the middle that allows adjusting the brightness of LED Desk light. All-in-ONE operation includes power on / off and brightness up / down, are all done on ONE touch-sensitive switch.

  1. Built-in LED battery indicator:

Its battery level is displayed on a clear small screen reminding you to recharge it when the battery level is low.


  • It is portable and weighs about fourteen ounces only.
  • It is tube-shaped, easy to fit into your pocket.
  • Its angle and direction are adjustable.


3.  MetU 6 in 1 Function Foldable Solar Charge Table Lamp

This is a six in one solar table lamp. Its translucent screen calendar shows time, date, week, thermometer, alarm clock/snooze and reverse timer function.

  1. Dimmable:

It has three adjustable and dimmable light modes: white, warm, warm and white.

  1. Instant On:

It has an easy to use smart touch switch.

  1. Anti stroboscopic:

It is a non-flashing and stationary light. It is comfortable for your vision and will never cause eye fatigue.

  1. Non-bug-attracting:

Don’t worry about buzzing bees or deadly mosquitoes, as the light modes of this lamp will never attract any bugs.

  1. Shatter resistant:

It is constructed out of high strength plastic and ABS material. Its neck is bendable, flexible and foldable in any angle or direction without cracking or making any noise.


  • It can be easily installed on a wall as well.
  • Its power bank function will help you charge your phone and tablet.
  • It gives you ten hours continuous lighting.


4.  WattEDGE Super Bright 4 LED Solar Desk Lamp

This lamp is great for both indoors and outdoors uses. It is ideal for your office, study room,  boating, camping or hiking.

  1. Dual charging options:

It can be charged using its solar panel or USB cable.

  1. Adjustable Gooseneck:

Its neck is bendable, flexible and unbreakable, you can turn and twist it to point just where you need it.

  1. Waterproof:

Its dust and water resistance rating is IP55. Don’t worry if you spill your coffee on it or forget it outside in rain.

  1. Durable design:

It is made up of hard plastic.

  1. Long working time:

It will work for approximately six hours with full charge.


  • Its USB cable and usage instructions are included.
  • Its light is comfortable for your eyes.
  • The lamp has white painted finish.


5.  Smaleaves Solar Powered Flower Desk Lamp

10 Best Solar Powered Desk Lamps For [year] [Top Reviews] 2

This breathtakingly beautiful lamp creates a romantic atmosphere.

  1. Artificial blooms:

It has fifty one blooms that each give off a brilliant glow. The center of each flower contains a bright white light that automatically illuminates after dark.

  1. Long working time:

It lights up for up to eight hours after getting fully charged.

  1. Easy to assemble:

Its plastic structure can be assembled easily.


  • It is fully waterproof and can resist rainwater.
  • It is suitable both for indoor use and outdoor decoration.
  • The blooms have pleasant colour.


6.  KK.BOL Solar Powered Dimmable Desk Lamp for Reading

This is a great lamp for your bedside table, study table or office.

  1. Non-flicker light:

This solar lamp gives out a stable and stationary glow. It is comfortable for your eyes.

  1. Adjustable touch control:

Its brightness has three adjustable levels: high, medium and low. One touch can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

  1. Long working time:

It can last for five hours in high brightness level and up to thirty hours in low brightness level.

  1. Built-in battery level indicator:

There is an indicator at the bottom of this lamp, which turns red while charging and turns green after full charge.

  1. Durable design:

It is constructed out of ABS, aluminium and plastic.


  • It has a long cable.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Its compact size is easy to use and store.


7.  Obell Solar Powered LED Desk Lamp

10 Best Solar Powered Desk Lamps For [year] [Top Reviews] 3

This lamp is perfect for romantic dinners and dates.

  1. Built-in sensor switch:

It enables the lamp light up in dark automatically and goes off when exposed to strong light.

  1. Lightweight and portable:

It weighs about six hundred grams. The lamp shade is detachable and foldable. It can be easily stuffed into your backpack for travelling, camping or RV.

  1. High performance:

It works for up to eight hours continuously.


  • It is wireless.
  • It is made up of durable plastic.
  • Its panel absorbs maximum sunlight.


8.  Precision Works Ultra Bright Solar Powered 4 LED Solar Desk Lamp

10 Best Solar Powered Desk Lamps For [year] [Top Reviews] 4

This is a sleek and stylish desk lamp.

  1. Dual charging modes:

Its built-in solar panel and included USB cable are two alternative methods of charging it.

  1. LED light:

The LED light is always more comfortable than halogen or incandescent bulbs, as they cause dazzle and glare. This lamp emits a cool, soft and pleasant white glow.

  1. Wide application:

It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors uses. You can place it on your bedside table, dining table, study table, attic, garage or RV.


  • It can be charged in two ways: sunlight and hook up to your computer
  • It is silver in colour
  • It is made up of tough plastic.


9.  WONFAST Solar Powered Portable LED Desk Lamp

This is an awesome solar table lamp.

  1. Latest technology:

It eliminates the stroboscopic effect and radiation from happening. Its scattering angle is bigger. It features illumination uniformity.

  1. Abrasion resistant:

Its lacquer surface is bright, clean, super hard, beautiful in appearance and abrasion resistant.

  1. Durable design:

This lamp is made up of ABS material and PC.

  1. Good damp:

Its opening and closing shaft is made up of sturdy metal material. It ensures that even ten thousand times of use can still maintain good damping.

  1. Adjustable Gooseneck:

Its neck is unbreakable, flexible and bendable. Twist and turn it in all angles and directions without cracking it.


  • It is green in colour.
  • It can work for up to six hours.
  • It is compact and easy to carry.


10.  Ultra Bright LED Rechargeable Solar Desk Lamp

10 Best Solar Powered Desk Lamps For [year] [Top Reviews] 5

This is an energy efficient and eco-friendly solar desk lamp.

  1. Two alternative charging modes:

The battery of this lamp can be recharged via its solar panel as well as AC wall output.

  1. Lightweight and easy to carry:

This foldable lamp weighs only about three hundred grams. It is so compact as to fit into your pocket.

  1. Adjustable brightness:

It has two adjustable brightness levels.


  • It is space saving and portable.
  • It is made up of tough ABS.
  • It gives comfortable white light.


11.  Solar Powered LED Desk Lamp with Pull Chain

This is a great solar lamp for both indoors and outdoors use. It is perfect for your piano, snooker, table tennis, chess board, cards game, bedside table, patio table, dining table, office or study table.

  1. Adjustable brightness:

You can adjust the brightness by pulling its chain. It has three lighting levels.

  1. Safety certificates:

It is safe for infants and pets. It is certified by CE and ROHS.

  1. Durable design:

It is a well-designed lamp, made of high quality ABS, PS and stainless steel.

  1. Built-in Sensor switch:

It has a built-in sensor switch which enables the lamp to light up in dark automatically and go off when exposed to strong light.

  1. Warranty:

You will get one month FREE return and three months warranty.


  • It is cordless and easy to use and store.
  • It works for up to five hours.
  • It has a pull chain to turn it on or off.


Ultimate Buying Guide – Solar Desk Lamp


Types of Solar Desk Lamps

  1. Free adjustable solar desk lamp:

Gooseneck and swing arm are two types of freely adjustable solar desk lamps. These solar lamps let you direct the light at your work. You can bring the light closer when drawing or drafting on a complex project. The height and tilt of this type lamp are adjustable, pull it up or down according to your need. Its shaft is fully bendable and flexible.

  1. Organizer solar desk lamp:

This type of desk lamp helps you to keep your desk neat and tidy, it prevents the mess from cluttering onto your desk. It has openings and storages for keeping brushes, keys, pens, pencils, tools, notepads or USBs. It will organize your little things, preventing unnecessary piling up.

  1. Magnifying solar desk lamp:

This type of solar desk lamp is perfect for architects, beauticians, dentists, dress designers, interior designers and mechanics. It magnifies the intricate and small details of any delicate and attention-seeking work.

  1. Clip-on solar desk lamp:

If you live a narrow apartment or a condo, your desk must also be small, compact-sized and space-saving. Such desks have limited surface area, leaving no room to place a lamp on top of it. This type of solar desk lamp is suitable for small desks, as they attach using a clip or a clamp to the edge of your desk. They can be easily removed and stored away after use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Solar Desk Lamp

  • Anti-dazzle/Anti-glare:

Glare factors, such as luminance on eyes, brightness, size, angle, and duration of the glare source, affect your visual performance. Glare is divided into two categories, namely, disability glare and discomfort glare. Disability glare refers to the decline in your visual ability, that is, the scattered incident light seriously affects your visibility of the viewed target by developing a light curtain on your retina. Therefore, the viewed target has a diminishing contrast and visibility, which normally occur with a dark background. The high-intensity light source illumination on your eyes will temporarily blind you and will trigger dangerous situations. Discomfort glare refers to your discomfort when the light source does not reduce the discernibility of your eye. This type often occurs indoors. Such discomfort will cause irritation, dazzling, or fatigue after extended exposure to glare from the light source illumination. Such discomfort also has a psychological influence. Most anti-glare devices in LED solar desk lamps adopt diffusion plates as the main axis. However, these plates reduce illumination efficiency as well as increase the cost and discolouration (ageing) of the diffusion plate. Make sure you buy the LED light-gauge steel frame with an adjustable illumination light field that does not require a diffusion plate. The solar desk lamp must have a good glare rating of seventeen, based on the ray tracing method.

  • Dimensions of the lamp:

Taller lamps are perfect for your study desk, while shorter ones are suitable for your bedside table. Make sure the bottom of the shade are at your eye level when you are sitting next to your solar desk lamp, for comfortable and enjoyable reading. Measure the surface of the desk and buy the lamp with a shade smaller than your desk surface. Keep in mind the footprint of the base and other small items you want to place of the desk beside the lamp.

  • The shade of the lamp:

The width of its shade must always be twice the width of the widest part of its base. Choose white coloured shade, if you need lots of ambient and reading light. Pick the lamp with a shade that has either of these three types of fittings. They are easily removable and washable. Firstly, a spider fitting with a hole in the middle to sit on top of the harp. Secondly, a shade that sits on hardware attached to its bulb’s base. Lastly, a clip-on shade that sits right on the bulb itself.

Final Verdict

I have selected the products and calculated their scores based on qualitative factors like public opinion, popularity and brand reputation as well as quantitative factors like price point and ratings. I have considered all factors, to reflect the most up-to-date brands, products and models. I found the best products and calculation of their scores by combining machine learning algorithms and human intelligence. These product reviews are completely unbiased. I have concluded that  the best title for the solar desk lamp goes to Anpress Flexible Gooseneck Style Solar Desk Light. This desk lamp will make your study room cosier and comfortable. It will provide you with enough light for as long as you need it.

You can also go for FocoSt Solar Powered LED Dimmable Desk Light. This is all in one solar gadget. It is an excellent little thing making your life easier.

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