6 Best Solar Garden Lights For 2024 [Top Reviews]

Solar garden lights are a wonderful addition to your back or front yard. If you want a light that is strong and bright but does not need any extra wiring, then you will want to look into getting solar garden lights of your own. Contrary to what people may think with solar power, new designs in technology make it possible to create bright and long lasting solar lights anywhere you need them.

Many times a garden light takes time to install and costs more in energy than one would like to spend. However, when it some to solar powered garden lights, these will not cost a penny in electricity and takes mere seconds to install and begin working. To learn more about solar powered garden lights, keep reading.

Reviews of the Best Solar Powered Garden Lights

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Who Need Solar Garden Lights?

The avid gardener or people who work at home would greatly benefit from using solar garden lights. They want their garden to look beautiful and so they want to showcase it at night. These are great for doing that. They do not cost money in electricity, so those who are on a tighter budget will love these lights.

It is the simple things in life you enjoy and you plan on keeping it that way. Solar garden lights are very easy to use. They take no special skill to install and you will not need to spend money on a professional. So if it is money you want to save and still want your garden to look nice, you will be able to do both now.

Why Do You Need Solar Garden Lights?

You need solar garden lights if you are looking for a reliable light source that will last for a long time during each charge. You can set them out and during the daylight, they will charge. At night, most of them come on automatically. It is a chore to do everything manually, and after a long day at work, you do not want to worry about one more chore than necessary.

They were intelligently designed for the basic gardener. Someone who likes to have a nice area in their yard dedicated to plants and flowers love to showcase their work. These lights will do just that and they make the area look more inviting and calmer.

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Things To Consider When Buying Solar Garden Lights

There are some things to consider if you want to purchase a solar garden light. First, where is your garden located? Do you want to showcase it at night? You also want to consider a number of Lumens it gives off. The higher the number the better, although even lights below two hundred lumens are said to work great.

You also want to consider your budget. The economy can be up and it can be down. You never know when something will happen that will cause you to lose money and time. People tend to work harder and need more income so they turn to getting a second job. It is nothing we want to think about but often needs to realize.

That being said, these lights will work well and continue to work well. You will not only get your money’s worth, but you will get more than you bargained for. These lights will last for years to come and through all types of weather as well. They really are a great addition and solutions for any type of gardener.

How Do Solar Garden Lights work?

It is a very simple installation. They are ready to go right out of the box. Most people prefer to stake them in the ground, which will only take a couple minutes of your time. Then just let the solar panel do its job and charge the battery inside. At night, they will light the garden up and make it look very nice.

The batteries that are inside some of the lights are charged during the day. The battery makes it possible for them to light up all throughout the night. Some of them do not have batteries, but still look just as nice.

Top 6 Best Solar Garden Lights

Weather you spend time gardening or not, you always want your home to be beautiful and inviting. You will not make an excuse any longer that there is no time to do those things, and once you purchase one of these lights, you will never want to go back to traditional lighting ever again. Take a look at each brand and description and it will give you a better idea of what to get.

1.   Ideaworks JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light, Set of 8

6 Best Solar Garden Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 1

These are very easy to install and there are no wires to run from the house or outside outlet to the lights. They will charge in the sunlight and light up for the whole night. The solar-powered lights will automatically turn on at dusk and will turn off at dawn. You will never need to be reminded to turn them off to conserve energy.

Ideaworks created the most durable weatherproof materials. They will last through many storms, snow, rain, cold, and heat and still shine super bright for an LED light. Overcast skies are no match for these lights as they still charge pretty well.

Most garden lights you get are big, bulky and heavy. It takes teamwork to unpack them, install them, and get them running. Ideaworks decided to create a light that is reasonably sized at thirteen and one-half inches tall and lightweight.

These are definitely customer favourites, but they say you need to know what you are buying before you make a decision. These lights will not replace the common light bulb, and if that is what you want, they may not be for you. If you are looking for lights to make the pathway or garden bright, then you will definitely be pleased with these.

The lights are very reasonably priced according to another customer. They are about two dollars apiece, which you could not buy the separate parts such as solar panel, LED, and batteries separate for that price.

So far, this customer loves these lights and they do not look like they are made of cheap plastic. They look very high quality. They do agree very much with the other customers who have bought these products, so they decided to get their own. First, if you charge them in the sunlight for about sixteen hours, you will get the most out of them that you are looking for.


2.   Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light, 2X-Brighter, 8-Pack

6 Best Solar Garden Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 2

These lights come in an eight pack and give off a warm LED white light. The LED lights have 2.4 Lumens each for added brightness and have a twelve-inch area for illumination. Every day, the sun’s rays will re-charge the battery, which is a NiCd and is included in the package. At dusk, the battery will be activated and turned on.

Installation is very simple. It will only take a few minutes and all you need to do is put the stake in the ground and you are done. Then allow it to charge a full day.

They are made of durable plastic and have a plastic lens. The set comes with eight lights, which is weatherproof and designed to withstand the sun, rain, snow, heat, etc.

You are also given a one-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with your lights in one year, you can return them. Most people who have bought this brand, however, never needed to use the warranty for any reason.

Customers who have purchased these lights say they ordered them because they got eight for the price of four (which a department store will charge). They normally bought them really cheap and replaced them once they do not work anymore. The very first thing they noticed with this brand is how easy the battery is to locate and replace. For this reason, they feel this product is very worth it.

Another customer read other reviews about this brand, so they were a little concerned about buying them. However, when they did order them and got the lights, they were very surprised and pleased. They felt they were easy to install as long as you follow the instructions and will have no problems with them.

One other customer said they were very happy with the lights and the packaging seemed very secure so there were no broken pieces when they arrived. They were also very happy with how fast the product got there. Everything fit nicely together, meaning the top fit nicely inside the bottom.


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3.   Frostfire Solar Ice Rocks – Path and garden solar lights

6 Best Solar Garden Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 3

This brand comes with a set of three garden lights. They, like the others, will charge during the day when the sun is out and even under overcast skies. Made with powerful LED lights, they will shine on your garden and make it look very beautiful. The size is small enough for anyone to handle at seven X seven X five centimetres. Lastly, these will definitely last through all types of weather, as they are waterproof.

A customer who purchased these lights say they bought them months ago and put them on the railing of their fishing dock. One of the lights did disappear, and they noticed that it fell in the water. They took it out and let it dry and sure enough, it still worked. They are definitely waterproof even after being submerged in almost two feet of water.

Another customer received the lights and tested them out for about two months. Even though there were some reviews that were not the best, the customer wanted to have an unbiased opinion about them. Sure enough, these lights lived up to their expectations. It rains a lot where this person lives and even though all the rainstorms, the lights still work great!

Lastly, another customer said they love decorating their yard with different colour lights. They are great to put along a flowerbed or on the sidewalk. They are lower to the ground than most other stake lights, but they are very effective in giving off the light that was expected.


4.   Solar Powered Disc Garden Lights, Pack of 8

It will take about eight hours to charge the lights initially with the solar panels. So once you receive them, you can install them immediately and let the sun do the work for you. There is no need to plug them into charge them initially.

They are made for the outdoors, so they can withstand any weather condition. As soon as the battery is fully charged, the lamp will light up for at least eight hours. You also have an off switch if you want to conserve energy when you are not using them.

They have four LEDs inside the lamp and offer a warm bright lighting. They were designed with a stake so they are very easy to install in the ground. They will light up your garden giving it a lot of character at night.

Customers are saying very positive things about these lights. They do exactly what they were expected to do. One person has them under trees and they light the lining of their driveway. They look seems expensive so they are very high quality for what you pay for them. If you are on a small budget, then you won’t go wrong with these lights.

Other customers say they work wonderfully. They are illuminating their birdbath and have ornaments in their flower garden. There really isn’t any documentation about how they work according to this review, but they are very self-explanatory.

Finally, another customer who bought these lights said they are really happy with the product. They come with two LEDs in one and a black base, which is very durable. They put them on the pool deck and they love that they are not too bright but have a nice warm yellow glow. They are very sturdy as the stakes come with two pieces to make them that way.


5.   Sterno Home GL42077 Home 6-Pack Solar Bollard Lights

6 Best Solar Garden Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 4

These lights are hand woven and appear to be of the highest and more expensive quality. They are five lights in the set and will make a great line for your landscape. Each light gives a peaceful and inviting look for your yard. If you put them in one location and are not happy with that setting, you can easily move them to another area. They are very easy to work with and are 100% solar powered, so there are no batteries that need to be replaced.

Customers who have purchased this brand of solar garden lights think they are awesome. One person said they are 100 percent pleased with them. They even created an update on their review to let everyone know that they still work to their expectation. They recommend these to anyone who wants to light up their landscape.

Another customer commented on how modern they look. They also say when the lights first arrived; they came in perfect condition so durability is no problem with them. Since they use 100 percent solar power, you save on batteries. They are glad they purchased them because of their wonderful quality.

One more customer commented on how nice they look at night. They are glad that you can put them anywhere and you do not need to worry about running a wire through your yard. They give you enough light that you can see where you are going, so if you are worried about tripping over something in the dark, you will not need to worry about that any longer once you have your own set.


6.   MAGGIFT 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lanterns Retro Style

6 Best Solar Garden Lights For [year] [Top Reviews] 5

There really is no product description with these, but as you know, they are also solar powered. They have a nice old-fashioned design, so if you are one who likes things to look like past times, then these are a great addition to your garden.

Customers love them as well. They said these lights are great and met their expectations. There was no indication that there is an on and off switch, but it is definitely a plus to have them. You can conserve the charge that way if you are on vacation.

Another person loves the way they look and says the design is very artistic. If you are one who loves your garden and want it to look different than the rest, then you are encouraged to buy these lights. They will give your yard or garden an old-fashioned artistic look.



Solar power is definitely the way to go. As you have seen there are many things that are the same with each light. The fact that they are easy to install gives you the comfort that you will not need extra skills, nor will you need to spend extra money to have someone install them for you.

No matter how much time you have, you can never go wrong with these lights. Once you put them in the ground, you will not need to worry about them any longer. They are hands-free and will last a long time. If you need it, they have warranties, but most people who have used them have never used the warranty. Go and get your own lights today and make your yard and garden beautiful!

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