Best Solar Charger For Backpacking

Have you experienced with a dead battery when you’re the outside? Due to enhancement in technology, it is necessary to use a lot of advanced features on phone. But, it consumes more power and battery easily goes to dead. In order to charge the phone, some options such as portable power bank, car charger and more, but all those options are Read more

Best Solar Generators

A solar generator is a system that will captures the energy from sunlight using photovoltaic cells mounted on the panels. The energy is harvested and then converted into electricity in the form of direct current. Then it will be inverted into alternating current before deposited into a battery bank. This will depend on the number of panels and batteries used. A solar powered generator will power Read more

Best Solar Powered Phone Battery Charger

Any way you can save on electricity, you will do it; guaranteed. We often do not realize how much we are using the electricity in our homes, but we are using more than we should. Charging our cell phones is one use of electricity we can save money on. Solar powered phone chargers are great solutions to this energy sucking task.

They aren’t just for saving electricity at home, but solar phone chargers can be taken with you wherever you go. Read more