What is solar energy? Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy


What is solar energy you might be wondering? The world is talking about it, you see famous actors and politicians conversing around it. You’ve heard that millions have been spent and continue to be spent to harness ‘solar energy’. One thing me must understand is that the sun is a source of energy for all of life. Plants, humans, animals, insects, Earth. It is also necessary for various tasks that Earth performs, rain, snow, seasons, day, and night. The list doesn’t stop there. When humans learned to control and harness this power through ever-evolving technologies, that is solar energy. Harnessing light and heat radiation from the sun and converting it to usable energy. Read more

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit

This is a very popular and in demand product, especially for those who love to travel with their RV, or love to be on the water in their boats, or even a simple rustic cabin in the woods. Using a 100 watt solar panel gives users plenty of power when they need it. Renogy has developed this technology to be easy to use and also easy to connect other solar panels together. Ease of use is what makes people want it.

Renogy has a strong belief that renewable energy, such as solar, should be available to everyone. Most people want electricity everywhere they go, but it is especially hard to get it in places that are considered to be “off the grid” such as camp sites, on the ocean, on the beach etc.

This solar energy technology today is what generations before this time have only dreamed of and to top it off, it is offered at a relative cheap price. With this in mind, why are people more likely to use this product over others? What features of this product make it stand out from the rest?


For Whom is this Solar Starter Kit Designed?

Designed with people in mind who:

  • Solar energy for Residential and Commercial
  • Love to camp in cabins
  • Go boating
  • Need energy source to their shed in the back yard
  • New to solar energy.

Key Features of the Renogy Solar Starter Kit

This product has about eleven or so features so to name a few:

  • Depending on the length of sunlight, it produces 500Wh per day giving each user a significant amount of time to use the energy that is stored within the unit.
  • Measures 47 X 1.5 X 20.9 inches so that it is not too big and not taking up too much room. It also makes it easy to install because it is not too difficult to work with.
  • Weighs only 19.8 pounds, which is extremely light, and you will not need to hire someone or use special equipment to install it.
  • 1 pair branch connector and 1 pair 9inch adapter kit are included in the package.
  • Other panels drop energy but this one has bypass diodes to help minimize the risk of the unit dropping power.

Product Overview

Renogy believes that every product should be of the highest quality and so they go through rigorous testing before any panel goes on the market. For instance, they test the product for thermal cycling, thermal / freezing, and high humidity cycling, electrical isolation, ability to withstand damage from salt mist, tested to make sure they know how light and water exposure will affect it, and much more.

If you are striving for excellent mechanical loading, this product is great for that as well. It has tempered glass of 3.2 millimeters. The mechanical loading allows it to resist strong winds and heavy snow loads.

Renogy brand solar panel will also ensure you have a high transmission and a strong bond. If you want it to last, this property of the product will help make sure you get many years of use out of it. Another key point to mention is its high resistance to corrosion as it is made with aluminum.

Fluoro resin was designed to help prevent products from aging as well. This panel has a backsheet and both sides of it are coated with the fluoro resin to also help it to last longer. It will also allow the unit to have a perfect bond with the EVA junction box.

One thing people worry about with solar energy is if there is not enough light out, will this panel still perform well? The answer to that question is yes, if you are out and about in your RV or on your boat and the lighting is dim or overcast, you will still get excellent performance out of it. It has high conversion efficiency in low light conditions.

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Pros and Cons


Two premier 100w monocrystalline solar panels come in a package and an adapter kit is included. So everything you need to get started with this product is included with your purchase.

The kit mentioned above helps to connect the panels to your RV and boats. Renogy has been very good with making sure these items are included with every package. They will rarely have anyone return it or complain that something was missing.


This controller is basic and if upgraded to a MPPT it would make it better. This is mainly the only complaint that people have shared about it.

Customer Reviews

Many customers give this brand and product a very high rating. More than 73% give this a five star rating. One reason for the high rating is it is so convenient and easy to use. According to one reviewer, they spent the week on the lake and had it mounted to their boat. It kept the batteries fully charged.

Another reviewer whom owns an RV chose this Renogy brand because of all the positive comments about it. When they finally received the product and used them they realized how easy they were to install. Customer service was great with anything they needed help on and it was delivered rather quickly.

This solar panel is also great for using on a trailer and great for mountain camping according to another customer. When they went to Colorado to go camping, they realized that the five-watt charger they had was not enough and so they purchased these panels to give them a higher boost of electricity.


This product, as you can see is really the best out there for people who want to explore the power of solar energy. You will not find the same technology for the small size and ease of use in many places. People who love the outdoors are always happy with this brand and are usually surprised at the power it can store.

Since most solar panels are very bulky and are used for your house or backyard, it was a breath of fresh air when Renogy came out with this one. They really went far and beyond to over-deliver and create a great product well protected against the elements such as this one.

As people are more on the go now than they ever were before, a product needed to be created to store tons of energy but still be small in size and light. That is why the Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit was created!

Renogy 250 Watt Monocrystalline Black Solar Panels


Renogy 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is the perfect step to turning your house to solar. These panels have a voltage of 24V helping you cut the cost of your electrical bill or for big off grid system. If it is your choice to connect them to the electrical grid or as a power source for your off grid cabin, Renogy’s 250W Mono-crystalline Solar Panels is always there to serve your purpose. These mono-crystalline panels are capable of withstanding extreme element, heavy snow, strong wind and other severe weather.


For whom is this Solar Panel designed?

  • Households
  • Commercial rooftop systems
  • Cabins
  • Off-grid cabins and camping
  • Everyone

Key features of the Renogy 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel?

Some key features of these wonderful solar panels include:


EL tested solar modules guaranteed of no shot spot heating. The photovoltaic modules and panel are authorized. Positive output tolerance of 0-3% are well guaranteed coupled with the ability to withstand high winds of about 2400hpa as well as snow loads of about 5400pa.


This solar panel offers the most efficiency at close to 15.4% per space. It also performs well in low light environments.


Best option for residence and commercial rooftop systems to help them reduce their electrical bill cost.

Product Overview

This Renogy 250W 24V Monocrystalline Solar Panel has an output cable of 4.0mm (0.006 in2), 1200mm (47.2 in) and a MC4 Connectors. The maximum power is at 250W and maximum system voltage at 600V DC (UL). They also have an Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) at 30.10V with Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) at 37.5V. The optimum Operating Current (Imp) is at 8.32A and a Short-Circuit Current (Isc) of 8.87A. It also weighs 40lbs with dimensions of 64.5 X 39 X 1.6 In.

Renogy was founded with the vision of making solar panel available to everyone no matter where you reside in the planet. Thus, they strive to provide clean energy for all application as well as customize the product according to your needs. The manufacturers ensured to use top quality solar cells coupled with superior accessories to produce great performance solar modules capable of maximizing the solar system’s energy yield per unit area, thereby decreasing your system cost per watt. It 3.2mm tempered glass has a great mechanical loading performance and can resist 5400PA snow and 2400PA wind load.

The main component of this solar panel is mostly 30%-33% of EVA which offers high transmission and strong adhesion making it perform longer. The cells can perform well in low light environments with a higher conversion rate. Talking of the frame, the frame can best be described with its ability for strong aluminum corrosion resistant. Both sides of the panel back-sheets are well coated with fluoro resin to prevent it from aging quickly. This special structure enables our back sheet to offer a perfect adhesion with the junction box and EVA.

For  a quality assurance, Renogy 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is tested by various sources such as Industry-leading Testing Approved  (which is Under UL1703, IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 Standards), Electrical isolation Test, Salt Mist Test, Light and Water-exposure Test, Thermal/Freezing and High Humidity Cycling Test, Mechanical, Wind and Twist Loading Test.

This solar panel is amazing. The quality of build, fit as well as the finishing touches is just superior. It can be connected to many sources such as a micro grid inverter with an efficiency of almost 80% compared to lower efficiency rate offered by other solar panels.

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Pros and Cons


One of the basic pros of the Renogy 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is its voltage of 24V helping you cut the cost of your electrical bill or for big off grid system.  Also is its 25-year transferable power output warranty. It is durable, converts well and easy to use with a higher efficiency rate.


Well, the only cons of this product might be the heavy weight of these panels and its installation process, and this could be subjective as only a few people complain about this.

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what users have to say about this product:

“I bought many of this and they are all premium panels. I’ve used other panel types and while they all work. Talking of assembly, this solar panel is just the best. They also have a great power output of over 200 watts in just an average sunlight. I had some problems with poorly broken panels by amazon, but Renogy was just the best to take care of me. They also have a 25 year warranty and it’s great to know that this company stands behind their products even after a long time of purchase, otherwise the warranty is just as good as the company backing it.”

Another customer reviewed on amazon goes thus “I am well satisfied with this product and it works well. I reside in the Caribbean on remote islands which lacks power, thanks to this solar panel.”

A customer made a review about the weight:

“Meh, this thing is heavy!  This single panel is heavy and a bit stressful to install when compared to 3 individual, lighter panels. If not, then no complaints.




Finally, with the EL tested solar modules guaranteed of no shot spot heating, Positive output tolerance of 0-3% coupled with the ability to withstand high winds of about 2400hpa as well as snow loads of about 5400pa. It doesn’t stop here. This solar panel offers the most efficiency at close to 15.4% per space and its ability to perform well in low light environments. Best option for residence and commercial rooftop systems to help them reduce their electrical bill cost. I think the Renogy 250W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is the best choice of solar panel you can ever make.

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