Best Solar Mole Repeller

Moles are an underground wildlife pest. They rid your garden of insects, but their underground tunnel can destroy your garden at the same time. They naturally aerate the soil but destroy the grassroots at the same time. They never use the same tunnel twice. They eliminate the larvae of destructive insects but can transmit rabies in humans and pets. It is very dangerous to be close to a mole with parasites like fleas and ticks, for both yourself and your pet.

Moles love to dig soft and moist soil. The first thing to get rid of moles is to make sure the maximum amount of sunlight gets to the ground in your garden and makes it completely dry after heavy rainfall. Secondly, your fence must at least thirty inches deep in the ground. Conventionally, baits, gassing and liquid repellents were used to get rid of them, but they are all inhumane methods. Read more