Where To Buy Solar Powered Outdoor Lights?

The following are options to purchase solar lights, some are available from your computer, with a click, others as your local hardware stores.

  • eBay
  • Aliexpress
  • Homedepot
  • Rona
  • Amazon

There are some factors we will be taken into consideration when deciding the best place to purchase the lights, and don’t worry, price and quality will always remain a top priority. Starting off we have eBay. eBay is a great online website where sellers can post their items either for bids or for purchase. Chances are you would find some great items on Ebay, there are some flaws that I don’t quite like. Such as unprofessional, anyone can go and post anything on there. Of course to be a success you would have to be professional. You can ignore this and move on to buy from there, I buy small appliances and gadgets from there all the time.

Aliexpress falls in the same boat as eBay, but it’s more… not fit for the regular consumer. It’s a mess, and unless you came there looking for something specific, it would be hard to be pleased by the layout and mess of items. This site is for business that buy in bulk to save money.

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Next on we have Rona and Homedepot. Rona, proudly Canadian. Its slogan gives it a nice edge. We have to remember that both Rona and Homedepot are retailers, they always earn a profit off of items. Meaning if they bought that table for $50, they might sell it anywhere from $55-100 depending on how much profit they want to make. So that’s the problem, on top of that, having to drive to the store just for solar lights can be a drag, and everyone’s so busy, busy enough to make business advertise “We’re open on Sundays NOW”

This brings us to our last option. Amazon. Amazon is like eBay, but in my opinion it has a much nice interface and layout. You can look at a product and see how many reviews it has, for social proof. You can check ratings and what questions and feedback customers left. You also have warranty on certain items, and some products, you can extend the warranty by deals, such as extra 1 year warranty $4.99

This makes Amazon a preferred site. You also have the option of free delivery, either with Amazon Prime, or with products that deliver for free. Or you can pay a little extra for shipping and receive your order in 1 or 2 days!

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