Solar Panels for Home

Many people are beginning to realize the vast savings in installing Solar Panels, this way they can harness energy from the sun, and I’ve even heard cases where big electricity companies purchase leftover solar energy from homeowners. One such company is Enmax, a massive electricity company in Calgary, Canada.

Installing Solar Panels has a variety of benefits. You can save up to $84 per month on electricity, states Some place, you can save over $100, that’s $1200 of savings per year. In a period of ten years, you can save $12000!, other places with more sun, even more.  On top of that, many homeowners who choose to install solar panels do it out of conscious for the environment. Per year, you save around 80+ trees just using solar panels. Eliminating your household emissions of Carbon Dioxide. In a time where 1 in every 8 deaths are linked to air pollution, a study found. Humans have become more conscious of their direct effects on Earth. Businesses are hurryingly moving to more environment friendly methods of business, as this has become the economical standard of today.

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Pros and Cons of Solar Panels


  • Solar Energy from Solar Panels, is renewable, we will not run out of it, and we can reuse it without feeling guilt that we’re sacrificing our Earth in the process. Solar Panels emit zero emissions when operating, displays a Solar Power company.
  • Solar Energy is silent. Solar Panels emit no noise at all, and efficiently produce maximum solar energy.Solar Panels require little maintenance, just annually they need to be checked if they’re working properly.
  • Solar Panels increase Home value, you probably have heard this elsewhere, but just to inform you if you don’t know, adding Solar Panels to your house increases its value and attractiveness on the market. A study shows that homes with Solar Panels sell for 17% more cash, and 20% faster!
  • Solar Panels installation is fast and easy! Solar Panels can be installed in remote locations also. Many farms are now using Solar Panels to run their farm from solar powered renewable energy.


  • Solar Panels can be expensive. Even if it’s a good investment some people can’t afford Solar energy due to its sheer price, an upturn is that recently Solar Panels are getting lower in price, compared to when they came out, they were almost a luxury item, now, we can contemplate to buy them. As the world moves to more Renewable Energy alternatives, Solar Panel prices are bound to go lower.
  • Solar Panels also require space, so if you live somewhere crowded, for instance in a downtown apartment. It may be hard to install Solar Panels, the way to combat this is to efficiently place Solar Panels. Some people think Solar Panels don’t work when clouds are out or if they’re not in bulk. This is not the case, it’s surprising how little amount of sun the Solar Panels need to produce energy, they harness the suns power, a power source all life on Earth is reliable on.
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