Best Solar String Lights

If you need to light up your house–or the outside of your house–solar string lights are a great way to achieve this goal. They are an eco-friendly option for your house. This is because they absorb sunlight; this process takes some hours. Once they’ve gathered up enough sun energy, the lights are then able to illuminate your home or property for several hours. Moreover, they come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you use them to decorate both inside and out. For example, they can be strung along a hallway, wrapped around the railing attached to your patio, or festooned around a hat rack.

Reviews of the Best Solar Powered String Lights

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Why Do You Need Solar String Lights?

  • An affordable, environmentally conscious way of illuminating your home;
  • Are safe, making them ideal for any house or building;
  • Can be purchased in many colors, designs and styles;
  • Are quite versatile: you can place them both inside and outside your house;

Things To Consider When Buying Solar String Lights

It maybe that you’re thinking of purchasing solar string lights for the first time. After all, these lights are long-lasting, eco-friendly, affordable, and look amazing on your lawn or inside your house. However, if you are seriously planning on putting some of these lights up, there are definitely some things you need to take into account. Before you do anything, look into city regulations and bylaws. It’s vital that you comply with them because–even if you don’t get caught–you can still risk hurting someone or damaging the wildlife. Once you’ve made sure that everything is okay and you’ve purchased a box of solar string lights, your first priority should always be to make sure that they’re installed safely. This way, no one can injure themselves.

  • Power

Not all solar lights have the same level of power or illumination. There are a number of things that can affect this: the model of the light, the strength or charge left in the battery, and the climate your property is located in. In the case of batteries, there’s an easy fix: many solar lights allow you to replace the rechargeable batteries. As for the other cases, you can account for these by installing a large panel on your house (you may need to hire someone for this) and making sure nothing obstructs the light pathways of the solar lights. Also, carefully read the reviews of a light before you buy one.

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  • Temperature and Climate

Where you live affects how strong a given solar light can be: where it’s cloudier, their solar panels won’t pick up as much energy. It’s the same case for climates where it gets dark faster at night. However, you can definitely use solar lights even if you’re in a cooler area. You just need to take precautions: you ought to get solar lights that have a higher level of illumination, and preferably those with a brighter-colored light. Also, consider getting a model where the battery can be removed and replaced; you’ll get more use out of them. You can easily find out which models are compatible with other batteries by reading product reviews on Amazon and other websites.

  • Where You’ll Be Hanging the Lights

Of course, the location where you’ll be hanging the lights also has an effect on how much light they’ll produce. You won’t see all the light that they’re generating if they’re located in the back of your property, for example. If there are a lot of decorations in front of the balcony or railing where you’ve strung the lights, you’ll need clear the way. If instead the path is blocked by things you can’t remove–like a tree or a stump–you might want to consider moving the string lights somewhere else. Because they’re string lights, you’ll also need to string them somewhere safe, like a balcony or porch. You should wrap them around a fence if plants are growing up the fence, for example, or anywhere near a power outlet. Make sure that, if they come undone or if a light bulb breaks, they won’t injure any people or wildlife.

  • Batteries

Most solar string lights feature rechargeable batteries. However, these can stop running in time. Alternately, the model of battery that came with the lights might simply be defective. You might have to buy your own battery (after you’ve called the manufacturer to see if you can get a refund, that is). Some companies offer stand-alone batteries, but not all of them do. In cases like these, if you do some research, you can probably find models which are compatible with your lights. Another problem with batteries is that they lose their charge faster as the air around them drops in temperature. Because of this, people living in colder climates may need to change the batteries of their solar lights more often.

Top 5 Solar String Lights


1.   65Ft 20m Lighting Chain 200 LED Outdoor String Light by RockBird

These lights are the #1 seller in Amazon’s Neon Signs category, so you know they’re of quality. They feature 200 LED lights which are spaced along a very long cable. The cable is a full  65 feet (20 metres) long. You won’t get that kind of length with most of the solar string lights on the market. They turn on by themselves at dusk, and flick off during the day time. They offer two modes of lighting: a steady mode, and a flashing mode. The lights can bring light to your property for 8 to 12 hours on their steady mode. They can also bring light for 10 to 20 hours, if they’re on the flashing mode. You can adjust the angle of the spike so that the lights can take in as much sunlight as possible. They are quite affordable, so they are an ideal option for most homes.

Decorative Uses

These lights are round and polar blue in color. They emit a soft, lovely kind of light, which contributes to making a tranquil, calm atmosphere. These lights are waterproof, so they are ideal for both exterior and interior decorating.  ou can place them in trees, bushes and hedges, or use them to border your garden.

Highlighted Features

  • Very long cable (65 feet)
  • Steady and flashing modes
  • Lights are round and polar blue
  • Auto on/off function + light sensor
  • Adjustable spike


2.   Solar Powered LED String Light, Ambiance Lighting by INST

The  Solar Powered LED String Light by INST  consists of 100 LED lights, which are strung along a cable of 55 feet (17 meters). They offer a steady mode and a flashing mode. They feature decent waterproof qualities, so they are ideal for exterior environments as well as interior decorating. The gold-colored bulbs are small, round and adorable; they look like fairy lights. Converting sunlight into solar power is quick with these lights; they can take in a lot of sunlight for maximum strength. They gather sunlight during the day and light up automatically at night for illumination. However, you can also turn them off and on manually. They come with a solar panel, which is attached to a garden spike that is 7.8 inches (20 centimeters) tall.

Decorative Uses

INST’s Solar Powered LED String Lights are an excellent option for decorating. They are beautiful and will definitely add atmosphere to any location you decide to place them. You can place them in many different locations–walls, windows, ceilings, corridors, and signposts, for example. You can also string them on your Christmas tree like a garland. They are ideal for everyday use, as well as for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and weddings. Your guests will love them!

Highlighted Features

  • Lights are golden in color
  • 55-foot long cable
  • Steady and flashing modes
  • Waterproof
  • Beautiful for decorating inside and outside: Valentine’s Day, wedding, etc.

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3.   Solar String Lights by Oak Leaf

These lights are of premium quality. They consist of 200 very bright LEDs, which are attached to a very long, very thin silver wire.  They are durable and can last for 25 years. They are very bright. They don’t consume a lot of power, so not only will they save a lot of energy in the long run, but they are also cost-effective. They must be charged for 4 to 8 hours. Once charged, their light can last for 8 hours. If they’re completely charged, they can last for up to 24 hours–much more than other solar string lights on the market.

They are waterproof, so you can leave them out in the rain and snow without worry. They have two modes: continuous and flashing. You can use them for many uses: as Christmas decorations, to decorate your potted plants, and to wrap around the tree in your yard. They run on rechargeable batteries.

Other Details

They are certified according to CE and RoHS standards. If they don’t work, you can get refunded up to a year after purchase. Please be aware that the solar panel does not recharge the battery. The only way to charge the battery is to put it inside a battery charger.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used for up to 25 years
  • Once charged, their light can last from 8 to 24 hours
  • 2 modes: steady and flashing
  • waterproof
  • 1 year money-back guarantee


4.   LED Solar Powered String Lights by Hallomall

Hallomall’s LED Solar Powered String Lights are a great choice for illuminating the outside of your property. They have an automatic off/on feature; at night time, they’ll turn on to emit that the light that they’ve absorbed during the day. When they’re properly charged, they can give you light for about 10 hours. It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge them properly, depending on climate and where you’re located. They are durable and sturdy.They are waterproof, so you can leave them outside during the winter. They have two modes: a continuous mode and a flashing mode. They glow with different shades of light: gold, blue and green. Their wire is made of premium-quality copper.

Other Details

They are easy to store when you don’t need them out anymore. This is because they are flexible–they can easily be bent and molded so that they wrap around furniture, signs and other decorations. As such, you can organize them in a neat, tidy way, and you can untie them with no trouble. Moreover, they’re easy to set up and install. When you take them out of the box for the first time in a while, you can get them up and working again quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Gives you light for 10 hours;
  • Durable and sturdy;
  • Waterproof;
  • Continuous and flashing modes;
  • Blue, Golden and green


5.   Solar Outdoor String Lights 21ft 50 LED Purple Blossom Christmas Lights by Innoo Tech

These Solar Outdoor String Lights by Innoo Tech come in a beautiful shade of purple, and they are shaped like cute flowers.  They will run for a long amount of time: you can get light for 8 to 10 hours. This is after charging them for 6 to 8 hours. They include manganese, which ensures that they can be used even during winter. The cable the LED lights are strung on is 21 feet (6.4 meters) long. They are water-resistant, so you can string them up outside as well as inside. They are eco-friendly. This is because they run on a rechargeable NI-MH battery. They are an environmentally conscious product: not only are they solar lights, but the positioning of the solar panel can also be modified in order to absorb as much light as possible. Thanks to the solar panel, they can absorb and convert energy efficiently.

Other Details

These lights are easy to operate, and installation is simple as well. If you’re buying an Innoo Tech product, please be aware that many competitors offer their products illegally. If a product has actually been made by Innoo Tech, it will say “sold by ANEAR and fulfilled by Amazon” on the online listing.

Highlighted Features

  • Light can last for to 10 hours without charging
  • Shaped like purple flowers
  • Cable is 21 feet long
  • Water-resistant
  • Rechargeable battery


Final Verdict

Solar string lights are an excellent option for every type of home. Not only are they inexpensive and environmentally friendly, but they’re also versatile and safe. They can be adapted to any kind of decorating style. If you’re interested in buying solar string lights, we recommend that you look into these five models: the 65Ft 20m Lighting Chain 200 LED Outdoor String Light by RockBirds, the Solar Powered LED String Light, Ambiance Lighting by INST, the Solar String Lights by Oak Leaf, LED Solar Powered String Lights by Hallomall, and the Solar Outdoor String Lights 21ft 50 LED Purple Blossom Christmas Lights by Innoo Tech. These models will ensure that not only do you get the most bang for your buck, but also that you’ll have an environmentally conscious way of illuminating your home in the years to come.

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